OWB holsters: K&D or Fist?
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Thread: OWB holsters: K&D or Fist?

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    OWB holsters: K&D or Fist?

    I am looking for an OWB pancake style holster. The ones by K&D and Fist seem to be of good quality without needing a payment plan. I was wondering if anyone uses these. I will be carrying an M&P 40c.

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    I personally don't have either of those brands, but the pancake holster I carry my SIG P229 in is excellent.

    It's a G&G with no thumb strap or active retention, but when it's in - it's in. I like it because it holds its shape pretty well after presentation too - which makes reholstering much easier/smoother.

    However, for the money, my Crossbreed's SnapSlide pulls my GSR just as close for concealability, and for a custom made holster costs LESS than the G&G pancake I use for my P229. Something to think about.
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    Almost all my holsters are made by Fist-inc. I highly recommend them.

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