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    They work great unless you do real work while they are in the paddle configuration on your hip. Then you risk the chance of breaking the plastic. I have one that can go from paddle on the hip to attached to my body armor if needed. I have also used the blackhawk drop leg holsters. I have a few of these and they work ok, although I am not a fan of riding around with one on my leg.
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    Serpa Blackhawk

    Great holster for the range and if you Open Carry. Stinks for Concealed Carry, because it sticks out too far. More so with the belt option. I wasn't crazy about the paddle system. Much prefer Fobus paddle holsters as they stay closer to the body. I recently sold my Serpa on Ebay due to the fact that I no longer had a real need for it.

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    I have no problems using mine for a ccw holster. Even in the summertime. I carry it above my wallet pocket. The only problem that I run into is I have to slide it forward to get to my wallet. But it doesn't print or show unless I'm grabbing for something high or bending over, but find me an IWB holster that doesn't do that either.

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