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    I work out on US FED GOVT property so no carry. Does your gym have lockable wall lockers? If so, i would use them. Use a combo lock. If not, find a new gym or use a fanny pack....however I am laughing at any guy wearing a fanny pack in the gym.
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    What about those holster shirts? Luke posted a review about one he wears while riding a bicycle. 5.11 has one that has a retention strap. What ever you decide keep us posted on what works well. I'm always looking for more ideas to keep it out of sight.
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    Gym Carry

    I work out at the local YMCA and I have an old neoprene Walkman holder that straps around my waist, like a fanny pack. I slip my S&W 340PD (in an Uncle Mikes pocket holster) into the Walkman fanny pack, along with my ipod and the headphones hanging out and I am good to go! Listen to some tunes on the treadmill and nobody knows I am packin'.

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