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Thread: Advice on Best Concealed Carry Handgun

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    JSDinTexas Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by jchantelau View Post
    Glock 23 (Compact) or Glock 27 (subcompact). Both are extremely well balanced. My wife has no problem with the recoil of her G27 (.40).
    Guess I'm into ugly (even though I think they are perfection) cause I second the Glock 23 or 27, both in .40 but I have also considered the G30sf and G36 which are .45

    And find myself more frequently with my G29 - 10mm

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    Hmm... I am surprised that no one on here mentioned the Walther PPS?

    I have a PPS in 9mm, and it is by far the easiest and most comfortable gun to carry that I have tried. I have a relatively thin frame, so bulky handguns are not very comfortable to conceal in my case. The PPS slim-line design does the trick here- and it is actually a nice looking pistol to boot.

    As far as performance, I have no problem with 3-5" groups at 25-50 feet, never had a feeding problem short of the first 10 rounds or so failing to completely chamber [just a tap with my thumb on the slide solved that], and I have put about 500 rounds through it by now. Low recoil and not overly light makes for low muzzle flip, and no problem putting every round in the mag into center mass even when fired as quickly as possible. Easy to clean and disassemble as well.

    It should be worth mentioning that the PPS now comes in a .40 S&W, and it is the SAME SIZE as the 9mm PPS. I may pick one up, but I would like to try one out first.

    I also have a Kimber .45 CDP-2 4" that I carry, but it is a bit tougher. If I plan on standing a lot it is fine, but sitting in a car where I spend most of my time can be tricky. The PPS on the other hand is barely noticeable while driving. I wear both IWB 4 O'clock.

  4. what does everyone think about the Taurus .380 & the 9m/m for reliability.

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    JSDinTexas Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by natelew View Post
    what does everyone think about the Taurus .380 & the 9m/m for reliability.
    Any gun is better than no gun. And I keep thinking about the question of what to carry? This is a life/death decision literally, so I want the best, most dependable, high power, I can reasonably control.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skysthelimit View Post
    I saw in one of the posts a shooting range in Gastonia? Is that Shooters Express of is it another place? Do they have any types of handguns to try or what are my options there. I want something small but not to small as called a peashooter! I want something easy to handle and comfortable for a woman. What do your women like? I have only fired many years ago rifles , double barrel shotguns no small handguns. I feel rather green with my questions . Sorry Andrea
    Shooters Express in Belmont is the only one in this area that has rentals. Gastonia has a skeet range open to the public, but the pistol range is for LEOs only. I do not know about Charlotte or the surrounding area.
    I carry a G23 every day, in a supertuck.

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    Ruger LCR

    i just bought one this week and fired it for the first time last night at the range i love the gun and with the plus p amo you should have no problems its 13 oz's very light you hardly know you have it on you very easy to conceal in pocket waist band or in a coat pocket

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    keltec and ruger both make a great hideaway gun, I have a keltec 32 and a Ruger LCP in .380 which is a short 9mm. I prefer my ruger, but my Keltec is so light even loaded in a wallet holster you don't even know its there.I know its only a 32, but a 32 is better than an empty hand! I have 22,s 22 mag,25's ,9mm,38,357,even a few 45,s. I have darringers, compacts, full size, even had a dirty harry 44 magnum, but when it comes down to the nitty gritty, you should have something with you at all times, unless resticted by law. A 45 is awesome, but a 32 keltec will at least slow em down.Its light,it will hurt or could even kill,if forced, If its me or my family, its gonna be them. thats why I carry, all you need is to be held up at gunpoint just once, it changes tour outlook on life and your fellow man forever. bilbil

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tea For One View Post
    Just got my CC permit. Any advice from you folks on your recommendations on an ideal carrying pistol? I was thinking about a .357 or .38 SPL Airweight revolver or maybe a small Glock. Thoughts?

    Thank you,


    Glockster gives good advice. I will add that if you are a novice to handguns the .357 revolver is about as versatile as you can get. You can shoot .38 special rounds for practice and if you want to keep recoil down, and go full-power .357 if you need to. There are also more concealment holsters available than you can shake a stick at.

    Personally, my CCW guns are either a Kahr PM9, a S&W Model 60 or a Ruger LCP. I also own a S&W 686 and a Springfield Armory 1911 but they are a little big for CCW.

    As for holsters, I found a brand called Tagula (sp?). They are made in Paraguay but seem well made, and are a good thick leather. I have one for my PM9 and it is a well-made holster. It was $30.00 (vs $50 for a Galco that wasn't nearly as well made IMO). Don't forget the belt for belt carry too. Get a good one. I have a Carhartt one that is nice and thick and supports the gun well.

  10. Don't leave home without it

    Don't leave home without it, my Keltec pf9 7+1 9mm only .88 inches wide

    The night sights are from and are super phosphorescent, very affordable, lucky because there are not aftermarket sight for lot of guns out there,

    now look how thin this tool really is:

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    I carry either a Ruger SP101 in a simple Blackhawk holster kidney position or Walther PPS in a Nemesis Cargo pant pocket holster from DeSantis. When the weather gets colder I will most likely go with a pancake holster with a jacket. There are hundreds if not thousands of firearm and holster combinations. A lot of people end up with a bunch of holsters they rarely use and one or two they use a lot.

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