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  1. +1 on the Sig -- that looks like .357 Sig ammo in the pic

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    Put me in with those who say it's a Sig in the Crossbreed.

    I've ordered my Supertuck, and am waiting on it to arrive (Impatiently, I might add!) So, untested, I cast my vote for the supertuck ... It does get glowing recommendations from a lot of people, and not just on this board, either.

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    Supertuck is what I use - I cannot say enough good things about it. GREAT holster - conceals VERY well, EXTREMELY comfortable, and customer service is OUTSTANDING.
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  5. I have a Kholster and like it better than either of them for comfort. and they are half the price or less. give them a check out much more adjustable and full upper protection for rubbing

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    +1 on Sig Sauer in the CB holster with .357 SIG ammo... Sig has their ammo and now Glock has their's with .45 GAP. Any guesses as to which firearms manufacturer will endorse the next "new" cartridge??

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    I carry a 1911 Government in a Nano Bobby Mcgee Pro Series NANO IWB made by Blade-Tech. It is the most comfortable holster i have ever carried. It is made of super thin Kydex so it takes up as little space as possible. I have never tried the Crossbreeds but they look a little bulky to me.

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    That's a Sig p239 in .357sig. Those grips are not stock on it. I vote Crossbreed.
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    if votes are still being counted, go Crossbreed.
    I'm a big man, and the crossbreed is very comfortable! (now if only my M&P40 wouldn't drag my pants down...)
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    Beg to differ sports fans, that is a Sig P229 in .357 Sig. The P239 is a single stack mag and is narrower.
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