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Thread: Best conceal carry holsters?

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    I have tried just about every holster made, than I ordered the holster below from Sportsmans Guide.

    I carry a 9mm Springfield XDm. 19+1

    I wear it center of my back and can slide the tail of my T shirt into the metal clip to keep it from rideing up and exposing my CCW.

    The Following Information from Sportsmans Guide on line catalog:

    Only you will know. Carry with confidence when you carry the Inside-The-Pant Holster from Pro-Tech Outdoors. Heavy-duty nylon Holster holds most medium frame pistols safely and securely, providing easy access and pistol protection.

    Keep it close:

    Fits most medium / small frame pistols and autos
    Strong nylon construction
    Lightweight and compact
    Soft-ride comfort
    Upper-barrier center wall
    Soft interior protects pistol's finish
    Steel belt clip holds tight. Measures 4 x 4", weighs 2 ozs.
    WX2-135027 Pro - Tech Outdoors Inside - The - Pant Pistol Holster
    Club Price $13.47

    Take Care

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    Holster Dilema

    As the weather warms up, I will be using my Smartcarry and carrying my S&W 340PD Snubbbie in a pocket holster. During the cooler months I go with an OWB holster for my 1911. I also carry OWB with my 1911 in the summer when I am wearing Hawaiian Shirts (t-shirt underneath to help protect from sweat), shorts and flip flops. Hawaiian shirts are excellent conceal garments....just make sure they hang low enough. Tie-Dye t-shirts, size XL work well also, as the pattern breaks up the outline of the weapon quite well!

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    Since it seems like you always tuck in your shirt the Crossbreed supertuck is the way to go. I like mine and I never tuck in my shirt. Smart Carry too.
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    Just bought a Summer Comfort from Galco and boy it it comfortable. For a G23 at the 3:00 position IWB I have to say I am VERY impressed
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    Quote Originally Posted by prive005 View Post
    Just bought a Summer Comfort from Galco and boy it it comfortable. For a G23 at the 3:00 position IWB I have to say I am VERY impressed
    I started carrying my G23 in the Summer comfort. I also have one for my 1922 Govt. I thought it was comfortable until I tried the Crossbreed Supertuck. The difference is like night and day. Im going to Quote by saying that
    Quote Originally Posted by mikeintexas
    wearing the galco is like strapping a brick to the inside of my waist band
    I loved the summer comfort when I wore it but I'd still take the crossbreed over it now.

  7. Kholsters might be ugly but the comfort factor is by far the best I have used. and at 45.00 shipped and lifetime warranty hard to beat!

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    I'll throw my $.02 in with the Minotaur MTAC from Comp-Tac. Extremely comfortable and they are tuckable. They let you change the shell to carry different pistols with the same holster too.
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    Can't say enough about the bare asset. Here is the website and even the advertisement has a picture carrying a glock. I am not a big Glock fan to say the least so I have never carried one, but this holster is also a great recommendation.

    Bare Asset
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    I'm waiting on my supertuck (patiently... got 2 weeks left of my 3 week wait), and I bought a Blackhawk CQC Sportster Serpa paddle holster. It's nice, but does not conceal my XD service too well. Even regardless of the longer handle, the gun is not snug to the body like it should be. I'm gonna keep the holster for range/hunting, but don't be fooled, it's not a CNC holster like it advertises:
    "Ideal for casual concealed carry" <---- lie
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    Best Conceal carry.

    Hummm, Seems like nobody uses the belly bands anymore. ? I love mine. Tuck my Kahr CW9 in it and off I go. It isn't really good for the larger autos though.
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