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Thread: Best conceal carry holsters?

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    Gotta do your homework. Seems like (and there are) many many holster mfgrs and just as many opinions. Usually the opinions are positive because that is what the poster actually ended up buying--may not be the best out there or the best for you but at least you get a feel for the "lay of the land". Suggest you go thru the list of holster mfgrs and prompt on their websties--you will not be touching and feeling and trying their wares but you will get the "first impression" that is all yours and you will be surprised how you end up coming up with standards (design,price limits, S&H costs, leather, kydex, wings, thumb push, etc) that you want and a short list of preferred vendors. Then ask specific questions on various choices on several forums and see what pops up. Usually the vendors have a return policy--it is worth factoring that in since it may be the first time you actually get to use the holster and find it is not what you thought it would be. Happy hunting. I'm waiting on a FIST pocket holster with guaranteed return policy---just liked the thumb press design and, from experience, find it to be the key to holding the pocket holster securely in pocket as I withdraw firearm--picked kydex over leather just because--we'll see in about 6 weeks.

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    Kholsters might be ugly but the comfort factor is by far the best I have used. and at 45.00 shipped and lifetime warranty hard to beat!
    I have more than one suitcase/box full of holsters, and I totally agree on the comfort part, except I caught the Xmas sale and got a couple for $35.00 each for tuckable church carry

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