Holster for S & W 45 Recon Performnce Center
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Thread: Holster for S & W 45 Recon Performnce Center

  1. Holster for S & W 45 Recon Performnce Center

    Smith & Wesson 45 Recon Performance Center 45 automatic 4 1/4 inch bbl

    I cannot find a paddle, or any other kind of, holster for this pistol. The Fobus RU 97 is the closest, but it is too tight.

    Any ideas. I have searched really hard on the internet. I have tried to contact S&W and they seem uninterested.



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    Weston: I'm not familar with the S&W 1911's but I'm guessing it has a rail for attachment purposes and thats wherwe your problem is coming into play, I have a 3" 1911 W/Rail and it took me some time to find what I wanted but I finally had Eric Larsen at HBE Leatherworks make me a Com 3 IWB for it and I havent looked back.
    Try looking at the custom leather makers out there, there are a lot of them and see if some friends have some different ones you could try on even if it's for a different gun than yours you will get a idea of what you like as what works for 1 person may be awful for the next. Good Luck after 35 years of carrying I have it narrowed down to 5 guns and 5 different holster designs.

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