New to CC, need advice.
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Thread: New to CC, need advice.

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    Question New to CC, need advice.

    (The following has been talked about many of times, I am sure. Thank you for your personal responses to this never ending scenario)

    Hello everybody. I have not posted before, but after a lot of reading and research I know that I need some real world opinions. I have recently purchased a XD40 Sub-Compact and love it. I should receive my concealed permit here in Florida soon. With that said, I am looking a comfortable holster for concealed carry. Being that I do live in Florida, I will need something compact enough but will not print. I am about 145lbs and 5'1'1 - so I am skinny. My daily dress is usually loose jeans/khaki shorts and a polo that fits me or dress pants and a dress shirt. The holster will have to be comfortable for a few hours wear yet durable enough for continuos movement. I have read a lot about the CrossBreed SuperTuck as it seems, is the most favorite holster for the XD40SC (from what I have read). Additionally, DonHume seems popular... Not sure which Hume would be the best so any input on that would be nice. Last thing; being that I am in Florida, would it be less noticeable to carry in the small of back or in the crotch region. I do understand this will create a higher pull out time, just an idea.

    So to clarify, I do not know much about holsters. Any input regarding type and carry region would benefit me so much. Thank you for your time.

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    Definitely check out CrossBreed's products. I love my SuperTuck and have seen great reviews of the SnapSlide. I'm also a Florida resident, and I leave my holster on even when I have to go to a gun-free zone, it's that comfortable.

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    Welcome from the the Tampa Area..
    The XD is a fine gun. I am also waiting on my permit.. When did you apply?? Please post when you get it, as there are a couple of us in this present status..
    Can you fill in your profile a little, so we have some idea where in Floriduh you are from??
    There is a post on the forum about the legislature trying to take $6 Million dollars from the CCW trust fund, you should read it and write / call the governor.

    Again - Welcome!!!

    Gulf Coast, Floriduh
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    If you leave your polo shirt untucked most of the time, you might prefer outside waistband (OWB) holster at the 4 o'clock position. I say OWB because it will be less skin contact keeping you cooler. Of course IWB (inside) would be greater concealment. You could still keep the gun at 3 or 4 o'clock IWB. I'm personally not a fan of appendix carry (or crotch region, as you put it), but many people do.

    Go to your favorite holster dealer and try a bunch on. You'll want the holster to ride high and tight to the body for greatest concealment. I have and XD40 service (4" barrel) and conceal it fine with a OWB Blackhawk Sportster holster. My crossbreed is on order so I can't comment yet on that. I'm 6'4" 190, so kinda skinny as well... somewhat.
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    I have a crossbreed supertuck and carry a full size 1911 in it without printing. I have a medium build. I generally wear a polo shirt untucked and slightly big. But truly it is such a personal thing that all the advice in the world can only go so far. I second GeneralSumter in saying go try on different models in different configurations to find out what works for you. If you're like me (and many others) you'll end up with quite a few.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aviatorrbt View Post

    Last thing; being that I am in Florida, would it be less noticeable to carry in the small of back or in the crotch region. I do understand this will create a higher pull out time, just an idea.

    So to clarify, I do not know much about holsters. Any input regarding type and carry region would benefit me so much. Thank you for your time.
    I carried a g23 for a few years at 12:30 region in a High Noon IWB. It's actually a very fast draw, just as fast or faster than 3 or 4 o'clock and definitely faster than SOB carry. It may be the most concealable position to carry in as well. Any t-shirt will completely cover the firearm so it's great for warm weather. The only problem is if you're gonna be sitting for awhile, then it can get quite uncomfortable. Try getting a belly band. That way you can carry at any position and see which you prefer, then upgrade to a better holster that fits your needs.

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    Get ready to spend money. Really, I've got many holsters that sit around unused. Unfortunately there's no way past that. The holster is a very personal thing and what works with one person may not work with another with the same gun. And the only way to really know if a holster will work is to buy it and try it.

    The best we can do is suggest good makers and have you look at their wares and pick what you think will work for you. There have been many suggestions to which I would like to add TT Gunleather.

    Good luck!
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    Check out the offerings from Blade Tech.Waterproof, durable, and a very well made synthetic.Also they have various designs and ways to carry. Geared toward professional and concealed carry. Also multiple carry options, iwb, sob, outside on belt canted forward and rearward, paddle etc. You get the idea.What ever is most comfortable for you.
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    Welcome to the forum Aviatorrbt. I'm in the Clearwater/Largo Area.

    Also check out Comp-tac, Comp-Tac : Top-Quality Firearm Accessories. I've carried my Kimber in the infidel for almost 4 years now and have not one complaint. A buddy of mine just picked up a compact XD-45 and a Comp Tac Minotaur holster. So far he likes it also.
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    i use either my Crossbreed or my galco cop three slot both are good the crossbreed doesnt have a retention strap and is slight slower on the draw than a belt holster. but the fact that you wear a polo mean inside the pants would be the best. Have you ever heard the saying dont holster around your outfit, dress around your holster.
    remember draw time is crucial and if you have to use your weopon it will be a matter of life and death. try doing what i do is wearing an under shirt and a button down short sleeve, you are in fl i am sure you can get away with a hawaian shirt or something

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