Crossbreed Supertuck arrived today
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Thread: Crossbreed Supertuck arrived today

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    Crossbreed Supertuck arrived today

    1 day less than the 3-week promise! Woo-hoo! Ordered via phone on 5/6, received 5/26.

    I was home on my lunch hour when the postman brought it. Didn't have time to change out of my dress pants, so I tried it on as is. It is surprisingly comfortable even in dress slacks and a narrow belt. It's definitely a different draw-stroke than from my OWB Serpa, but it prints so much less and I don't have to worry about my shirt riding up as much. I'm rather excited to try it out with some jeans or loose fitting khaki's.

    I'll try to take some pictures and upload for everybody.

    One question, to get more of a forward cant, I raise the front clip, correct? My service XD has a long handle and needs extra attention. Thanks.
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    Great news General Sumter! I hope it works as well for you as it has me. You are correct in how to adjust for cant. For my setup i lowered the front clip by two notches and the back by one notch so it would ride a little lower at a greater cant. That's just one of the features i really like about this holster-- the ability to be customized on the fly. How do you like the retention? I'm considering heating mine up and making the retention a bit stronger.

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    Agree, Percy.

    The retention seems loose, but when it curves to my body (3:30/4:00 position) it snugs it to the perfect amount. I uploaded pictures to my album on this site: USA Carry - GeneralSumter's Album: Crossbreed Supertuck Deluxe

    Give me a week and I'll let you know how much I love it. Really excited how it disappears when tucked, and is absolutely gone when untucked! Crazy concealment even for my XD40 service model (4" barrel, full grip).
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    Thanks for the info, and the pics.

    Been looking for a new holster, and have been torn between a C/MTAC and the Supertuck. The addition of how it performs untucked helped sway me a bit as well. I'm untucked more than tucked, but if a single tool can be just as useful in either mode of dress then all the better.

    Looking forward to hearing more after your break-in period.

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    Ive had mine for about 2 months now. It seems to disappear when i put it on. it gets more comfortable the more I wear it.

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    Wow. Thanks for the pics. I've been looking for an option to carry while tucked. I've seen Supertuck talked about and I've looked at it, but wasn't sure how it would do with the large size of my XD. But as shown, it seems to work well. I may be looking into getting one of these. Thanks again.
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    I have adjusted the CB ST by lowering the rear clip. This gives slightly more forward cant and keeps the ride, high. It's even less noticeable now when bending over. I love this holster. Rather than buying bigger pants/shorts, I'm going to lose about 5-10 lbs and slim down my waist. Seems cheaper and healthier.

    Glad you guys can benefit from my pics.
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    I carry a Glock 21 in mine and it is very comfortable ad invisible.

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    Thanks again for the pics and useful review. After reading a ton of others in addition to yours, I too have ordered a Supertuck and look forward to its arrival.

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    I love my Crossbread Supertuck

    Ordered it on 5/15 & received it on 5/29. I have hardly taken it off since (except to go to bed) and that's only because my wife makes me.
    I am really suprised at how well it conceals and how comfortable it is! Because of what I do I wear a shirt tucked in 90% of the time. I spent a lot of time and effort researching a good holster and was even told I wouldn't be able to find what I was looking for. Boy am I glad they were wrong.
    I am relatively new to concealed carry, but my glock 27 with mag extension loves the CS.
    Now if we can just get AZ to let me carry in a restaurant that sells alcohol. I will be set!

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