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    Got New Carry Weapon

    Just picked up a Kel-Tec P3AT at my local gun store.

    I love living in a state where my CCW works as my background check!

    The weapon is even smaller than I thought, and it nearly fits into the palm of my hand. I brought it home to clean, hopefully be able to shoot it soon.
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    Congrats! I also have a KelTec P3AT as a secondary carry gun. They are handy little carry guns. I normally carry my Kimber Ultra CDP II but there are times the clothing does not permit me to carry it. When that happens I just grab the KelTec and toss it in my pocket.

    Not much fun to shoot at the range but a nice little gun to carry.
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    I have a P3AT also. They are great little BUG's. Just make sure you fluff and buff it before you take it to the range.
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    Congrats. Nothing like getting a new gun. You can't have to many.
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    Great little gun--I have 2 of them
    No matter what else I'm carrying--one of them is always in my pocket

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    Quote Originally Posted by HK4U View Post
    Congrats. Nothing like getting a new gun. You can't have to many.
    Congrats, and in agreement, although I like my lil carry gun - Sig P938....
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