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    In my experience,

    When I am forced into summertime business casual with a tucked-in shirt, my KelTec P3AT disappears nicely into a Don Hume pocket holster in the front pocket of my trousers. It is a first generation model and I did have to polish the feed ramp to get 100% reliability. My son has a second generation which was 100% right out of the box. His holster is, I believe, a Desantis Elite(?). It is a very nice holster. Stays put in the pocket and is soft and flexible.

    As we agree, it's not the caliber of first choice but six rounds of Golden Sabre .380 are a lot better than no rounds at all! It is quite easy to lay six fast rounds into a three inch circle at three yards.

    I am considering trying a Desntis Elite pocket holster for my Kahr PM9. That gun disappears well into a jacket pocket but it might be a tad too big on my smallish frame for a pants-pocket. I'll let you know if I try it. Has anyone else already tried the PM9 as a pocket gun?

    Your mileage may vary but I look forward to hearing about it,

    I would suggest adding a +1 extension to your P3AT mag. It doesn't add any significant bulk and why not have the extra round.

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    Yeah, my P64 is a good summer in-the-pocket gun. Makarov is a little big for my pockets, but works great in my thin holsters ;)

    My CZ P01 is nearer to what other people carry but that's my home defense "big gun".

    It all depends on what fits you I guess.

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    PF9 Kel Tec fits in some of my pockets and some it doesn't.
    Pocket holster for those it does.
    IWB on those it doesn't.
    Except Fridays then its CZ P01 IWB, only work half a day on Fridays.:D
    However sometimes P3AT Kel Tec 380 in pocket holster with spare mag.
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    My pocket gun is a Keltec P32. Absolutely reliable from day 1. I'd like to get either the P3AT or the PF9. Anybody own their new 9mm. I haven't seen one in our gun stores yet and was wondering if it can be pocket carried.

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    I've got 2 P3AT's. One of them is with me always when something else is difficult to carry.

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    I carry my PM9 in a IWB tuckable holster at 4 o'clock. I have put it in my jacket pocket sometimes. I also used a Tact 5.11 T-shirt, but I was allegery to the seams. Now I wear a ArmorX shirt to keep the gun from contacting my skin and getting sweat on the weapon. Then I wear a shirt over that.

    I have tried putting my PM9 in my pants pocket but I'm short and my pockets aren't big enough to completely hide it. I like the weapon It is very accurate for the first 6 shots. Then the barrel gets hot and it shoots to the left a little. It is much more accurate than my Ruger P95.
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    No matter what else I may be carrying (usually a first generation Kimber Compact) I always have a Kel Tec P32 loaded with magsafes in my pocket (in a very ugly homemade pocket holster) :)

    It goes EVERYWHERE with me.

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