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  1. What was he thinkin.......

    ...........Officers sniff out pot, gun | pal-item.com | Palladium-Item.

    Glad my local PD are on the job.


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    What a moron!
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    And with the steady increase in the number of applications for gun permits and LTC/CCW permits post Obama election, dumb asses like this are going to "F" it up for the rest of us. This will be the guy that the "gun grabbing, shouldn't have em any way" A-holes will focus on and use as an example of what could happen... God, Please help us, I beg of you…
    You can give peace a chance alright..

    I'll seek cover in case it goes badly..

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    What a DUMBASS!

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    They should've kept his filing fee too!

    Also, is it just me, or is $750 bond too low? $5,000 and he might learn his lesson, but $750? At least we know he can't legally buy a gun anymore.
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    This guy is another in the long line of Darwin Award candidates, but I can't help but wonder why he even bothered with requesting a permit if he was packing anyway?

    I've always said, it's not that the police are so smart - but the criminals are SO stupid!
    "There is no consitutional right to be protected by the state against being murdered by criminals or madmen." (7th Cir. 1982, Bowers v. DeVito)Stay safe, and stay trained.www.sazsatt.com

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