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Thread: Conceal a Hi-Point?

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    I have the TS995 with the compensator, and extra mag holders that attach to the stock. This is my favorite carbine to shoot. I put it right up there with my M&P 15-22 both great carbines, just wish the TS995 came with more magazine capacity.

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    Those guns are butt-ugly and heavy, would not pack mine in 9mm, but leave it in a specific location in the house and don't worry about it getting a little dust on it. I know it will go bang for us if needed, so what more could I ask for?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mannybullets View Post
    I have a hipoint s&w 40 caliber and my friends an I love to shoot it at the range, I even put night sights from on it:

    but concealing this cannon is very difficult, even the hipoint c9 is thick and heavy for this work, I consider both good guns, after you work the quirks with the mags, maybe inside a winter coat is possible but in florida this is going to be hard
    Thanks for the link to I've been looking for something like this for quite awhile, something to give my Taurus Pistols night-sights at a reasonal cost. I ordered mine today, both the Glowon and the Pasteon for $19.87 which includes S&H fees.
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    Ive got the Hi Point c9, Im a 6'0 muscular individual and do carry my c9 daily, I use the kholster.
    As I sit here and type this right now, I cannot even feel the weight of the pistol or the Kholster and ive had it on all day.

    Im mostly a jeans and untucked t shirt kinda guy so it works for me.


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