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Thread: Should EMS be allowed to CC?

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    As for the mentally insane carring I do believe that people who are not fit to carry should not carry and once your a felon you have given up many of your rights. I must ask this one question on the mentally insane people aspect, how many insanes are there that have not been admitted to an institution of some sort keeping them from being able to carry? just another thought.
    I don't know the answer to your question. However, I do know that "mentally insane" doesn't mean just that. It means disorders as well. Bi-polar, schizofrenic (sp?), etc. I think the way the 4473 words it is "have you ever been adjudicated mentally incompetent".
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    I think they should be REQUIRED to carry. I know a few of them in NY, Fire Fighters too. Sad to say that they all have to wear Vests for work, and cant turn away from helping someone regardless of the situation, but cant defend themselves when **** jumps off.
    Your statement makes a good argument for a mandate that LEOs or some other security personnel accompany every EMS or firefighter team when they are dispatched on a run, imho.

  4. First you would have to get the people whom run ems to care. Then the gov types. and the public and o hell lets pay them enough to even buy ammo.Most people know very little about EMS Fire and LEO.I'm very bitter and fell that we exploited the hell out of the people we most depend on. We have in America made people disposable. Impersonal. We are lazy to the point to not even know the name of the person next door. People spend their whole life's to help others and never even get told thanks.There are EMS personnel who carry. But they are public safety departments. They are asked to do it all.

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