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    I have read many forum posts on whats the best concealment holster to wear. I have bought a few and looked at websites about others. But I read, and I believe it was here, about the "smart carry" and I have to say I wasn't impressed when I first saw a picture of it but I looked at the website and I was impressed so I bought one. Like any holster you have to fool with a bit to get it where you want and get used to it which doesn't take long. It is by far the most comfortable I have worn. Yes you may not get the quickest draw with this but it aint bad.This is my favorite holster to use, especialy in summer when concealment is much harder. I am 5' 11" and 248 and it's comfortable.

    Just thought I would pass this along and maybe help someone who is looking for another concealment option.
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    I've used Smart Carry for several years, for everyday carry. It has a few limitations, but many more advantages. I put it on when I wake and take it off when I retire for the evening. I also have a drawer full of holsters, but this is my everyday one. I carry a Ultra Carry Kimber, or a Glock 27; depending on trousers. SF - 0311

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    RE: Smart Carry

    I am still new to CCW and heard about the Smart Carry early on so I bought one. It's the only holster I have outside of the one that came with my XD-40. I love it! I wore it a lot with shorts during the summer with a tank top not tucked in and NO BODY ever susspected I was carrying. I recommend it! Jazzman

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    You sound like me @ 5'11' 245lbs.

    The "Smartcarry" is definitely the most comfortable holster I've ever "worn". I've bought/used others; but the "Smartcarry" remains my preferred holster.

    I've actually thought about why this is; until I realized that you actually "carry" all IWB and OWD type holsters. The "Smartcarry" is actually an article of clothing that you "wear". I think this fact makes a HUGE difference in comfort.

    I also use a "Supertuck" occassionally; especially in the winter months. But, I can't see the "Smartcarry" ever becoming my alternate method of carry. As it stands now, the "Smartcarry" will always be my preferred carry holster.

    I can carry my 24/7 ProC, extra magazine and tactical flashlight in my "Smartcarry" with concealment and complete comfort.

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    I use my smart carry holster all the time. it is pretty comfortable even with a full size pistol in it. it doesn't tug on your pants as some other holsters do. I like to keep the grip above my belt line and wearing a shirt not tucked in covers it up nicely and would make a faster draw.
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  7. Here's a tactical fanny pack that I like a lot
    The only thing is you just have to feel alright about wearing a fanny pack.

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    I'm 6'1" 340 and use Smart Carry but I roll it onto my right thigh because the hammer would otherwise poke a hole in my belly and let all my air out...and stuff.
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    My only problem with my smart carry is when i wear it under jeans, the back of the metal button can, and has, scratch the slide on my Ruger. Wearing it with pants with a sewn button has never been a problem, but if i want to wear it under jeans i have to tuck a shirt between the gun and jeans, or keep adjusting it to make sure it doesn't slide up to the button.

  10. Charlie has sent me 3 different smart carry's over the years -if different sizes. I love 'em. I've canoe tripped for weeks, rode moutain bikes, dirt bikes, off road wheeled in our rock crawler, walked, hiked, etc...all with a smart carry.

    the smart carry is even comfy for me to sleep with (I'm a back sleeper)

    got the "tub of holsters" like many...lots of mistakes in there (for me)

    Smart Carry, Tommy's gun pack, and at times (winter- heavy coat) has me with Nemisis pocket holster for any of the snub's or the Glock in the rotation.

    Good thread - great mode of carry (to me)
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  11. how is the smart carry while sitting down?

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