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    If things turn bad in a church then who is the courts going to deem the appropriate church official, not picking apart anything but if you get permission from the pastor and the court says the deacons then your screwed, another very grey area

  3. I am not sure about SC laws but there were a couple of things that I thought about while reading this thread that have not been mentioned.

    A church is a business. That has been stated. I would think since you don't have your permit yet, you would have to open carry to be legal. As soon as you conceal the weapon, you are breaking the law. With this in mind, you would have to be certain that you transported the weapon in a manner that is lawful to get it there.

    If it were me, I wouldn't risk spending time in jail over it. I would wait until your permit is approved and issued.

    Where I live, places of worship are no carry zones, unless you get permission. I have been told that our church will give permission if you ask. I haven't asked because I was also told that they have not given that permission in writing to anyone. I won't carry in there without written permission. I don't want any situations to arise where someone forgets that they have given permission to carry and then I am left out in the cold, or jail. It is not worth the risk.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by bbarton713 View Post
    I'm wondering if the line in the SC state gun laws is more about separation of church and state than any other reason:

    (9) church or other established religious sanctuary unless express permission is given by the appropriate church official or governing body;

    With that being said, does anyone know if it is legal to carry a concealed weapon on church property, if permission has been given, regardless of whether you have a CWP or not?

    I've applied for mine but have around 80 more days to wait until I get my permit back in the mail. I've been given permission to carry at church and wonder if I can carry there like I do at home.
    No person may possess any firearm in or on:
    Any publicly-owned building or property, without the express permission of the authorities in charge of the premises or property. Section 16-23-420(A) (A very limited exception to this prohibition exists for concealable weapons permit holders under 16-23-420(F) for interstate highway rest area facilities);The answer is yes you can,I hope this helps.

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