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    I have used many .45's during the years that I have been shooting. I qualified for my CCW with a pair of Colt SAA's. I later carried a CZ-75B in 9mm. Recently, my EDC is a Glock 21SF in a Galco Summer Comfort IWB holster. As I am 6'3" and 325#, I have no problem concealing this weapon. I also have a Glock 30SF if I am dressed lighter, and a Glock 36 on the way. I usually carry a backup pistol, but if I do not, I carry a spare magazine. I do not carry a spare for "fire power" because I figure if I am still alive after the first couple of shots, I probably won. I carry a spare pistol in case of malfunction of the primary. I carry a spare magazine for the same reason. I have a Glock 20 in 10mm that I am comtemplating carrying. I recently put a Lone Wolf barrel in the thing to counter the no chamber support issues of the Glock barrel. The Glock barrel has already cost me one KB, and I have seen three others during competition. For that reason, I hesitate carrying the Glock in .40 or in 10mm.

    Contrary to the vast amount of verbiage thrown out on this thread, I do believe in stopping power. I also believe in being familiar enough with your weapon to hit what you are shooting at. The simple fact is that most gunfights are ended when the target is hit with one shot to center of body mass with a well disigned service caliber bullet. Why? Most people don't like to get shot. Those that don't go down after #1 are probably not going to go down until they are good and ready to. Big, fast, expanding bullets increase the probablility of serious damage and instant stoppage, they do NOT guarantee it. Even rounds reputed to give 96% one shot stop abilility will still fail to stop 4% of the time, often with disasterous results. Shoot until they stop agressive action, but make sure you hit them. Bullets flying everywhere don't do anything for you exept increase the risk that you will win the battle but loose the war due to collateral damage, that is if the other guy doesn't hit you first. Another thing you may want to know: 80 to 90% of people shot with handguns survive the shooting. If they are alive, it is possible that they can shoot back. Take it how you want, carry what you want. Marshall and Sanow are not God, and their research is flawed, but they have done more than most mall cops have, and I tend to trust their possibly flawed research more than I do someone's fantasies. I also don't put much faith in jellow junkies either. I have been attacked by both men and animals. I have never been attacked by big blocks of jellow. How a bullet works in jellow is not important to me. How it works in people is. Pick what is important to you.

    I just love these people that talk about "firepower" when what they really mean is "spray and pray". They are a bigger threat to the public than the bad guys. A recent firefight in my area between the police (2 of them) and a druggy (1) resulted in over 30 rounds fired with only three hitting (all three hit one cop. The BG was a MUCH better shot than the cops). Where did the other 27 go, mostly fired by the cops? Firepower may mean something in the military, or even police work. But for civilians, the vast majority of firefights are over in 3 to 4 shots. Here is an interesting statistic that I read the other day regarding civilian defense against attack. 75% of attacks are stoped without the civilian firing a shot. 25% result in the civilian discharging his firearm. Only 8% result in the BG getting hit. In spite of this, civilians have a higher ratio of hits than police, and a lower incidence of hitting the wrong target. Carry what you are comfortable with. Just having any gun is better than having none. But given the consequences of failure, you have to ask yourself how much you value your life. I often get asked if it is OK to carry a .380 or a 9mm or a .38 Special. I say, "sure, why not". Then when they aske why I carry such a big gun after saying it is OK for them to carry something smaller, I tell them "because your life, your wife, and your family mean nothing to me. So, I don't care what you carry. Mine do."

    My 0.02 on the subject, and not worth much more than that.

  3. I generally carry a Glock 30 with ten rounds of Speer Gold Dots .45ACP. Works for me. Am playing with some others but will likely come back to the Glock. I always seem to do so.

    I don't much care what you are carrying as long as it is reliable and sufficiently accurate at your CQB ranges to make good hits. I can shoot rapid fire 4" groups all day long with my G30. I carry two spare magazines with it for a total of 31 rounds and if I have not finished my business by then I am screwed royally anyway.

    Anyone that has read the FBI reports that include the reports of the LA medical examiner will not use a 9mm anything. As the Colonel said, the first digit needs to start with a 4.

    I have little doubt that two or three rounds placed in the cardiovascular triangle in .45 ACP Gold Dot is going to bring things to a rapid close. The same MIGHT be said of 9mm but I'm not going to bet my life on it.

    On the other hand, a single round placed accurately to the "dead stop" zone.... the cerebral cortex area is going to stop things without so much as he twitch of a trigger finger of your assailant.

    The shots to the cardiovascular triangle will depend strongly on shock and bleedout to end matters and it is well documented that bad guys still have sufficient motor power in many cases to head back out your back door and down the street before collapsing when hit with 9mm, etc., whereas when hit with a couple of three .45ACP Gold Dots that expand they are going to sit up and take note. The shock and awe of having a hole drilled is likely to bring things to a close.

    Now, if you REALLY want to bring things to a rapid close take a look at DDuplex rounds, either in 12 ga. for your shotgun (mine holds 9 rounds) or even in .410/45LC in a Judge and have a look at the incredible damage inflicted by a single hit. The expansion is massive and the pressure is such that the insides actually explode to a degree creating catastrophic damage. One shot. End of game. WARNING: The examples are from Europe and are quite graphic. The 12 ga. appears to create a 1 - 1.5" entrance wound and an "explosion" inside as the round expands and flies apart, sans exit wound. The 'bear' drops on the spot. DDuplex. Google it. I have NEVER seen a round do this damage. Don't know the specs on the .410 but I'd bet they're pretty horrific as well.

    This is one of those one round ANYWHERE shots that is going to bring things to a rapid close or at least slow things right down. A 12 ga. hit in the shoulder or arm is likely to tear the arm right off from the looks of it. A prime example of today's engineered defense rounds. Unbelievable.

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    I have both a Glock 36 and a Taurus MIL-Pro PT145. Both are 45ACP. I carry in a Crossbreed Supertuck IWB. The Taurus even thou it is double stack feels lighter when I carry.
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by Mike508 View Post
    I have both a Glock 36 and a Taurus MIL-Pro PT145. Both are 45ACP. I carry in a Crossbreed Supertuck IWB. The Taurus even thou it is double stack feels lighter when I carry.
    Yep, gotta like that Glock 36. Take a Glock 30 and run it through the washer and dryer and you get a Glock 36. Same gun only smaller and 6 + 1 rounds. The reloads can be ten rounders so you have 27 rounds on hand. Easier to conceal; a wee bit lighter overall. There are plenty that are finding the G36 to be their concealed carry of choice and that super tuck holster does the trick with the G36 and I gather you hardly know you are carrying.

    That's for sure on my list of things I want to try out.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by torontogunguy View Post
    Just as a matter of interest, I have been working on a favourite .45 carry for six years now. I presently carry a Glock 30; most dependable, most reliable, ten rounds, etc. Love it. But one always looks for something better so here's my list of what I intend to play with this year and have to make a choice, once and for all.
    Sig C3 compact 1911
    Sig Compact 1911 with rail
    HK USP .45 Compact threaded
    Sig P239
    Smith and Wesson 99

    I have taken all of my 9mm's off the list after reading the FBI reports and in especially the report of the LA County Medical Examiner - awesome.

    One other thing. I have been looking at the .45 LC as of late as I came across a round by DDuplex.... if anyone has seen it at work you will understand fully. The hole going in at close range is about 1" diameter as the round begins to flare immediately on leaving the barrel yet is super accurate by design. The damage done inside the recipient is unbelievable, even for me. The insides literally explode from the pressure and being torn apart and the exit wound is the size of a cantaloupe. It is being used in the north up here for bear defense and is quite effective. They have a website but I warn you it is not for the feint of heart. This single round is just the thing I needed to start me all over again. The Taurus Judge in 3 or 4.25" will carry five rounds but I can absolutely guarantee you that a hit ANYWHERE on your assailant is going to be cause to sit up and take notice. A hit in the cardiovascular triangle has got to be 99% lethal. We are bringing in a case of them in 12 guage as well as .410/45LC for 'bear defense'.

    Back to .45's and I have to say that I keep trying different handguns out but keep coming back to the darned Glock 30. Not going to carry the G36 which is even smaller like Tim at USCCA does cuz 6 rounds is just asking for grief.... I want ten rounds and two ten round backup mags. If I can't do the business in 31 rounds I best be running as fast as my big feet will carry me.

    The Glock, by the way, has only about 35 moving parts in total and is totally easy to work on. No need for a gunsmith unless you are very uncomfortable or don't own a Glock sight tool.
    LA County Sheriffs use a 9mm 147 grain with good results.Texas DPS had many failures to stop with solid hits with .45 ACP 230 grain HollowPoints.Proper shot placement is needed with multiple shots COM and cranial to drop a Bad Guy.I would rather be armed with a high capacity 9mm loaded with +P+ over a .45 ACP in a gun fight.The newer 9mm +P ammo has been proven in many LE shootings to be better with barrier penetration over the older 9mm ammunition.The Glock .45 G.A.P. cartridge has been adopted by many LE agencies.

  7. Interesting as I was under the impression that LA PD used .45ACP and .357. Are there any empirical reports on LA Sheriff Dept or Texas DPS results online that I can look at? I also have a Glock 36 that I love to carry but have always felt 'undergunned' in my heart. My G30 with two spare mags gives me 31 rounds and if the business is not done in 31 you're in trouble.

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    I love my G36 for winter time carry..usually a sweatshirt or short sleeve shirt!

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    Quote Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
    you have carried a 9mm but now you want to carry a 45. I think it is odd that you started with a 9mm. In the field, Iraq, they have seen where it takes 11 rounds from the M9 to bring down one enemy. I like to do things right the first time, that means find a caliber that brings them down with one shot. That is the .45 ACP! Kimber is priced to not sell. Sig is a great gun and is easy to get back on target. Springfield Armory XD gives a nice price, but it has the polymer frame. Polymer frame gives a rotating recoil, this is the same on the Kahr. Best bet is to find a place that will let you try out the different versions of the 45. I like the 1911. My use is person safety in public and family safety while in bear country. The trouble with bear is they do not fall on the first shot.
    Gosh, I wish the Viet Cong knew about the one stop shot from a .45. For every story about a 9mm not stopping someone you can find the same story for any caliber. It also seems that most of these stories cannot be confirmed. In fact, if you want to have fun you can track the progress of some of the stories told on gun forums and see how the bullet count will increase over time. I read in a local paper a few years back that a pit bull took 9 .45 bullets and survived. Shot placement and adequate penetration is paramount. Provided that good ammo choices are made there is not that much difference in the major handgun calibers. Gelatin tests are all well and good (and will also show not much difference) but they do not account for bone and muscle of which the human body has plenty of especially protecting the vital areas. Sure bigger allows for a great margin of error but just look at the size of a 9mm and .45 and the size difference is not huge as some people make it out to be. Also keep in mind what many who say such things about 9mm and .45 in regards to military use fail to mention, whether because they have no real life experience using a gun to shoot at someone or just plain do not know, the military is limited to using FMJ by the Geneva convention. FMJ are poor stoppers in 9mm. Civilians can use HP +P ammo and that makes a big difference. Now you know the rest of the story. :)

  10. bersa 45 ultra compact pro

    I carry a bersa 45 ultra compact pro everyday. It's dual tone.

    I can conceal it fairly well under a heavy t shirt

    I've put well over 500 rounds through it and have never had any issue with any ammo I've tried. Hollow points to ball. It eats it all and spits it out all the same. Pretty accurate as well up to 25 yards. After that it's dodgy.

    Still waiting for my crossbread holster to show up. I ordered it over a month ago. I'm getting impatient. Might cancel the order and make my own version.

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    I love my Glock 30 with crossbreed supertuck IWB holster. It's amazing how accurate this pistol is right out of the box!

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