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    Gosh, I wish the Viet Cong knew about the one stop shot from a .45. For every story about a 9mm not stopping someone you can find the same story for any caliber. It also seems that most of these stories cannot be confirmed. In fact, if you want to have fun you can track the progress of some of the stories told on gun forums and see how the bullet count will increase over time. I read in a local paper a few years back that a pit bull took 9 .45 bullets and survived. Shot placement and adequate penetration is paramount. Provided that good ammo choices are made there is not that much difference in the major handgun calibers. Gelatin tests are all well and good (and will also show not much difference) but they do not account for bone and muscle of which the human body has plenty of especially protecting the vital areas. Sure bigger allows for a great margin of error but just look at the size of a 9mm and .45 and the size difference is not huge as some people make it out to be. Also keep in mind what many who say such things about 9mm and .45 in regards to military use fail to mention, whether because they have no real life experience using a gun to shoot at someone or just plain do not know, the military is limited to using FMJ by the Geneva convention. FMJ are poor stoppers in 9mm. Civilians can use HP +P ammo and that makes a big difference. Now you know the rest of the story. :)
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by bojeffnc View Post
    I like carring my Pro Carry Kimber 45acp, it's light weight and packes a punch.
    Had a chance to pick up a Kimber Pro Carry II .45 this week and passed on it as I don't want to bet my life on it; I'm just not confident in the extractor function and get the occasional stovepipes in my others.

    On the other hand, my Glocks (ALL of them) have never, ever misfunctioned and I gladly bet my life on them. Currently carrying a Glock 30 .45 and a Glock 26 9mm but lean heavily towards the G30 with its ten rounds plus two spare mags in a covered belt holder for a total of 31 rounds of .45 onhand. If you haven't finished your business in the first ten rounds you are in serious trouble anyway. Rule of thumb? Ten feet, ten seconds, ten rounds.... instructor said this was the max to expect out of an exchange nominally. 31 rounds is a happy face.

    Having said this, I am going to be looking closely at the Glock 36 for its size. I also have a Sig 1911 C3, USP Compact and a couple of others I am playing with that I feel more comfy with tucked and pointed at my jewels, but those Glocks are absolutely unbeatable for reliability and sufficient accuracy. I am adding a laser at some point. I have two holsters that I favor; a VMII and a $29 IWB clip holster of unknown origin but readily available online.

    Somehow, I just feel undergunned at 9mm. I cannot carry more than ten rounds in a mag anyway (I transport across the border and 10 rounds is legal limit in Canada and some states) and the reports I read suggest that .357, .40, .45 are good carry calibers, especially in a well engineered defensive round. I'm happy with .45.

  4. I am a new member and first time poster. I was reading this thread and was curious why my Springfield XDs had not been added. I went to the dates and saw that these comments were posted before the pistol hit the market. Take a look at Brandon's first impressions on YouTube if you want to be impressed. This is my new everyday favorite and is well worth a look. I use a Blackhawk pocket holster and have good confidence that I am prepared for a serious threat. I also carry a 7 rd second magazine when I have cargo pants on, just in case. While riding my road bicycle, I carry a Baretta Bobcat 21A. I am looking forward to reading and interacting more on the site.

  5. I love my Springfield XD's but believe there are better carry choices. Each to their own. I carry a Glock 36 mostly now. Also have Sig C3, HK USP-C, HK P7M8, Kimber Pro Carry, etc. All great carries, but each has its own place. LOVE the weight and size of the G36 with lazer assist and night sights.

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