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Thread: Best CCW 45 ACP?

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    I carry a Colt Defender 45 3 inch in a Crossbreed Supertuck holster and one spare mag on the weak side 24/7 365 days a year and it goes bang everytime.
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    I carry a S&W M&P 45. I carry it in a Galco Combat Master holster. It hides nicely under shirts or jackets.

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    I do not carry or even own a 45 at this time. I find a 9mm works just fine. However if I were to buy one I might look at the Para Ordance LDA or some other double Action as I am not a big fan of single action autos.
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  5. I'm looking to buy a small concealable gun. I own a S&W .357 w/5" barrel. I love this gun for the house, but want something that I can put on my waist band. I'm looking at the the AirWeights 642 & 638. Reliable and comfortable. The guy behind the counter showed me the Sig P238 .380. I really liked the feel, but I know nothing about the gun other than the counter guy saying how wonderful it is. I don't want to marry a beautiful girl with no brains if you know what I mean. Any thoughts from the experts????

  6. I love the 1911 Officer's Model size. I pack a Springfield Lightweight Ultra-Compact for a .45

    Flat, easy to hide, shoots great, and hits hard.
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  7. But, I will not recommend a single action .45 to anyone who has not had a lot of training and practice with them. 1911's are not very forgiving of any operator error. Condition 1 1911 carry is not for everyone.
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by GottaBeAh.40 View Post
    Another vote for the G36... I just got one a few weeks back and it's a great carry choice IMO. I have semi retired my Kahr CW9 to home defense. I'll alternate from time to time, but the Glock is an awesome platform and the .45, well nuff said there. Cheers.

    I'm going to have to have a look at the G36. My only issue would be one of capacity, although I believe the G36 may take higher capacity mags on the reload if necessary. Articles I am reading right now suggest the average gun battle in a self defense situation averages only 6 rounds and 6 seconds max. Little need or time for reload, but I like to be prepared in any event... our last attempted home invasion was by two perps both armed with lord knows what. As soon as I said they would be coming out feet first if they made it into my home I hade twenty police cars on my front lawn... still have tire tracks and it's been over a year. The 911 operator suggested I find a safe room in my home to which I responded... "Lady, these idiots have guns and stell pry bars, there are NO safe rooms in this house, especially for them and I can promise you if they enter my home armed they are coming out feet first. Get some help here fast". And they did. I did not relish the thought of taking out two human beings but I was physically and mentally prepared to do so the moment they entered the front door.

    So, my point? Two perps. Maybe a third that I did not see. Six rounds plus one just doesn't cut it and I like to use the same firearm for home and carry (where legal) - so I'm with a G30, G26 and Sig P239. I also have two HK P7 series pistols (8rounders) which are perfectly safe for pocket carry and I only buy jackets with deep pockets. I would not carry the others without a holster to protect the trigger. AND, I ALWAYS have FOUR spare magazines loaded up and ready to go for the handgun in use and empty for those not in use. So, generally I have approximately 50 rounds at hand at all times ready to go. That is what I consider my 'happy' number. The G36 is great for small hands as is the Sig P239, but I am disuaded by the available rounds.

    If I were loooking for SMALL I think I would go for something even smaller - but since they aren't legal in Canada and I have to transport back and forth I have to go with something that has a 105 mm barrel and ten rounds max. And no carry outside of the home (nor inside to the letter of the law).

    That G36 sure does look like it is going to feel good in my hand though. Can we put a NY1 trigger in it?

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    S&W M&P 45 with a Looper IWB holster.and 3 extra mags.

  10. I have a Kahr P45 that I bought earlier this year. I was looking for a small, light weight .45. I have mixed feelings about it. I'm getting tired of getting blisters on my hand when I shoot it. It has night sights that are difficult for me to see. If I keep it I will switch to big dot sights. I have a S&W M&P .40C that I like better. I had it customized with sharkskin effect, added big dot sights and had some trigger work done. It is a pleasure to shoot. My wife fired four shots with the P45 and said she will never pick it up again. The P45 has been reliable and accurate, and it is a good size for concealed carry.

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    I believe I posted this earlirer in this thread . I carry Kimber Ultra Raptor II, I just put another 200 rounds of mixed ammo through it at Tenoroc range on saturday. Was flawless. The gun had a few hiccups during the first few hundred rounds during the initial breakin period , At this last outing it performed perfectly. Couldn't ask for a better carry gun.

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