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Thread: Best CCW 45 ACP?

  1. You might want to give some consideration to the Taurus 845. I am pleasantly surprised at how thin the grip is, so that it actually tucks closer to my abdomen than my 9mm Beretta 8000. It it totally comfortable even carried IWB. Plus, in .45, it holds 12 in the mag plus one upthe pipe. Add just one spare mag and you've got 25 shots. It comes with 2 mags from the factory.

    Controls are like the M92 - but totally ambidextrous - safety/decocker, slide release, and takedown lever. I love it, and it goes with me everywhere it can.

    okay, let the taurus bashers chime in now. but only if you've shot this gun.
    "Laws that forbid the carrying of arms ... make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants ... for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man." - Thomas Jefferson

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    All of this tuff talk has prompted me to add my 2 cents worth also... I'm a retired MSgt (USAF) 25 yrs active duty, 68 yrs old, a Vietnam Veteran from 1966-68,(I retired in 1983). I went over in March 66 and came home Oct 68, so I actually spent over two tours in country. I own both 9mm and .45acp pistols and I carry both. Unlike the gentleman who stated the Beretta M9 took as many as 21 rds to take out an insurgent, he didn't mention that the military is committed to carrying NATO rds, so I believe his story... but I carry Federal Hi-Shok JHP +p+ rds in my 9mm and I don't think it would take but one, maybe two rds to put someone's lights with them. So I feel comfortable carrying either weapon, and I always carry spare magazines.

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    SPRINGFIELD 1911, MIL SPEC. Cost is reasonable, works great. I believe this weapons has has more confirmed kills then any other hand gun made. It's slim and handles easy and 3 safeties when carried "Cocked & Locked". Considering it's gone through 2 WW's, Koren conflict, Vietnam, Granada....Have I missed anything? I high advise. Plus if all else fails, can pistol whip and drive a nail if needed. One of the best procured weapon are Government ever purchased!


  5. A Glock 19 loaded with 16 rounds of 9mm+P+ hollowpoints like the Winchester 127 grain SXT is a great CCW.Texas DPS had many failures to stop with 230 grain Winchester hollowpoints from the Sig 220 they went to a 200 grain bullet with poor results.The Texas DPS went with the 357 Sig and getting one shot stops still to this day.High velocity is key the Feds back in the 1930's used the 38 Super because of all the troubles with getting a 45 ACP to penetrate car doors.In the real world a +P+ 9mm is all you need,of course one shot stops can be had with a properly placed round to the nose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mappow View Post
    Please note that NFA rules apply to all select-fire and full-auto weapons.

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    I've really found out that I really love the 24/7 ProC 45 as a CCW. It's very comfortable for ADC; extremely accurate and flawlessly reliable.

    I also like the fact that I can easily carry 14rds of 45acp loaded & ready.

    IMHO; 14rds of 45acp trumps 7 or 8rds of 45acp; AND 14rds of 45acp also trump 19rds of 9mm.

  8. Two quick questions:

    1) What can you shoot accurately?

    To clarify, I mean what can you snatch out of your preferred concealed carry holster (not draw and go through your pre-shooting ritual, I mean grab it, snatch it out and go to shooting) worn under everyday clothes and put 3 to 5 shots in a group the size of the palm of your hand or smaller at 30 feet? Preferably with only 1 hand, too.

    One hole groups ain't necessary for self defense. They just look real nice on paper and tell you that you're doing stuff like trigger press, sight alignment and getting a master grip right.

    2) What can you conceal comfortably enough to carry EVERY DAY?

    A custom long slide that you can hit Coke bottles at 100 yards with but you can't hide except for 3 weeks out of the year ain't gonna do you any good the other 49 weeks of the year if you need it. A concealed carry piece is worthless if it ain't close at hand. If you can't hide it or it's too heavy to carry all day long, you might wanna get something else.

    That's the kind of compromise that only you can decide on. What works for me may be the worst choice for you.

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    Smile I got my DW CBOB

    Thanks for all the great responses. I ended up with a Dan Wesson CBOB. I'm very happy with it and have already put several hundreds rounds through it. I carry it with a Crossbreed Supertuck or in a C5 Leather Montana XLT. I'm also using a dual layer bull hide belt made by A&G Custom Gun Leather. I haven't made my final decision yet on which holster is more comfortable, but they are both comfortable, stable, and concealable for all day carry.
    I agree that the +9+ mm is a great round for self defense, but so is the 230 holllowpoint hydroshock .45. A couple of well placed shots in the SIZ area will effectively do the job. For work, I carry a .40 in 180 grn hollowpoint. Another great round. I think it just comes down to preference and personal experience. Not all gun sizes work for the same person. Due to height, weight, age, physical condition can have a big impact on whether or not to carry a certain type or caliber handgun.
    Thank you all and be safe.
    "All that's necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing " - Benjamin Franklin

  10. First I must say that this business of two round or three round volleys or triple taps is absolute nonsense and I have no idea who came up with this BS. It IS indeed total BS. If you are not being taught to shoot until the threat is terminated you are not being taught by a professional. Period. You do not have the time to stop, evaluate and make a decision. You only have time to recognize that the threat has been stopped and cease firing. That's it guys.

    When and where it is legal for me to carry concealed I generally carry either my Glock 26 9mm or Glock 30 .45; although I have played with a few others I feel that one should choose a handgun and stick with it.

    As far as caliber is concerned, I do not feel undergunned in any way carrying 9mm nor .45 in today's engineered rounds. It is, needless to repeat, more a matter of accuracy than of size, weight, velocity (although they do play a role of course).

    Your two targets are the cardiovascular triangle (not "Center of Mass" unless you have no idea what the cardiovascular triangle is) and if you are able to make good the shot, the "dead stop, lights out" triangle, which has a base roughly across the upper lip with its apex at the bridge of the nose, more or less. The fellow who said "one on the nose" was absolutely correct but you are better off moving laterally, diagonally or backwards while firing unless you have some pretty solid cover (and drywall is NOT cover guys). It's a better shot than me that is able to make a 'dead stop, lights out' shot to the cerebellum. It is unlikely that your target, the bad guy, will even have a reflexive finger twitch to get a round off and this is the shot that LEO snipers are trained to take in hostage or critical situations. It is one hell of a tough shot when still with a tripod, let alone while moving or moving towards cover.

    Why do you want to be moving? Simple. The bad guy, assuming that you are aiming for the cardiovascular triangle, is going to have sufficient time to get plenty of rounds off, especially if using select fire or just an automatic with a big magazine; especially if he/she is hopped up on drugs. You want to mess up his aim and force him to track his target (that's you). Even if you have NO possibility of cover... you MUST be moving. (Especially if the bad guy is wearing body armour).

    There are several post-mortem studies done with regards to shooting deaths and the interesting thing is that .22's and 9mm. and everything in between count for something like 80 percent of shooting fatalities, incredibly. So, my point is simply that bigger is not always better... but given my choice? I can handle my Glock 30 just fine and would rather be sporting .45 engineered rounds than 9mm engineered rounds; it depends on what the dress code of the day is.

    I have also taken a liking to the Sig P239 as of late.

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    Thanks for the input Torontogunguy. Don't neccessarly agree with it all, BUT always willing to hear other options and ideas.

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