Best CCW 45 ACP?
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Thread: Best CCW 45 ACP?

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    Best CCW 45 ACP?

    Hi everyone, First off, I am brand new to this site and would like to say a Big Hello to everyone!
    Now down to business: I currently carry a Kahr PM9 (about 400 plus rounds fired through it) which is very concealable, and accurate. It has proven itself to be an excellent CCW to carry during the warmer months when I wear just shorts and a t-shirt. However, I would love to carry a 45 ACP and have really looked hard at the P45. I also like the 1911 platform and if I had the extra $$$, I'd probably get the ED Brown Kobra Carry. Both guns have their advantages and disadvantages. Weight, size, durability, accuracy, etc. Any members out there with opinion. I would really like to know if anyone has had both or one or the other. Thanks!!
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    Welcome to USACARRY, always nice to new members come on board, I carry a G36 in .45 acp. Sorry I cant answer your questions regarding the other two firearms mfg's you mentioned.
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    I carry a Glock G21 .45 ACP in a CrossBreed Super Tuck Deluxe and I am very happy with it. Very dependable and a blast to shoot.
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    I like carring my Pro Carry Kimber 45acp, it's light weight and packes a punch.

  6. you have carried a 9mm but now you want to carry a 45. I think it is odd that you started with a 9mm. In the field, Iraq, they have seen where it takes 11 rounds from the M9 to bring down one enemy. I like to do things right the first time, that means find a caliber that brings them down with one shot. That is the .45 ACP! Kimber is priced to not sell. Sig is a great gun and is easy to get back on target. Springfield Armory XD gives a nice price, but it has the polymer frame. Polymer frame gives a rotating recoil, this is the same on the Kahr. Best bet is to find a place that will let you try out the different versions of the 45. I like the 1911. My use is person safety in public and family safety while in bear country. The trouble with bear is they do not fall on the first shot.

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    The Springfield Armory XD is nice so is the one I carry almost every day, the Taurus 24/7 . I also carry a .40 , Taurus PT 140 when I want to go light.

    Is there a place where you can try them out?
    If yes, go try a few out.
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    You are getting a lot of good suggestions. For me mine is the G 36

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    I have a 1911 in .45 ACP and a Sig .380 ACP. The 1911 is a Nighthawk GRP Recon with a Streamlight TLR-2 mounted on the gun's rail. I love this gun. But for me (age 68) the 1911 is too heavy for carry. Instead, I rely on it as my primary home defense weapon. I prefer to carry the Sig P238. When loaded, the Sig is less than one-third the weight of the Nighthawk. And the Sig conceals very well.

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    Everyday carry is now .45 XD; used to be Taurus 1911. I like both guns very much; find the XD is slightly easier to conceal.

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    The Ed Brown is one hell of a gun, but if cost is an issue, you may do well in looking at the Dan Wesson CBOB.

    Its essentially the exact same gun, but as a semi-custom as opposed to custom 1911. It is also over $1000 cheaper. It's one of the hottest 1911s on the market right now.
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