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    I cannot open the link for some reason. But if it is the vest with the OD American flag on it its becoming a little too popular and mainstream (appearing on the second or front page of many magazines like ctd and gg). The chances that someone would regnize it for what it is are becoming more and more likely. I have said vest and use it for CC on occasion. I have a WW2 patch sown over the spot that used to have the flag and the patch is for "combat camera." I think that this goes with the vest and kind of makes it seem more ......... ?genuine? and less of a shoot-me-first item.

    Now that being said, you might have better luck with a leather jacket with a "pistol pocket" or something that blends with the public a little better. To each his/her own though.

    To my knowledge I have never been "made" when carrying with this vest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GLOCK9 View Post
    Anyone Have one of the Black Leather Motorcycle Vests with the "Holster" Pocket Built in? Is it Large enough to carry a GlOCK 19 and Not Imprint on the outside of the vest? Is the Access like a Vertical Shoulder Holster? The Websites that sell the vests do not show the Holster Location..Just says "Holster Sewn in"... What does that Mean?
    I don't want to invest $150.00 and have it shipped to Philippines if it's NOT Going to work... I'm Willing to take a chance if I get some outside information from some of you gentlemen that might have one, wear one or have seen one and get some first hand accounts. Thank You. Best, God Bless and Stay Safe.

    I have a jacket with a "pistol pocket" and its great. Classy enough for every day wear and yet it hides a pistol very very well. The jacket I bought is made locally and I am unable to find a picture of it on their limited website. The pistol pocket positions the pistol in about the 10 o clock position and it hides it without question.

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