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    My friend filed for his on a Friday and got it the next Monday. Just a little over one week. That really surprised me. They tell me the county I am in is getting better about getting them out. My renew took 2 weeks...
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    Quote Originally Posted by stresco View Post
    Don't feel bad about the wait. I waited 10 months for mine. I have a buddy who has been "In the Process" here in NY for 3 months now and he just met with the investigation officer. During his meeting, he was told that he's got at least another 6 months of waiting before he even gets to see the Judge :/
    Wow, that is quite a wait. To me, it seems like an abuse of power because there is no reason that it should take one week in one state and then 10 months in another.

  4. It used to take 4-6 months in NY before Obama got elected.

  5. Inactive Reserve peace officer

    Hello fellas, I was inquiring about carrying off duty. For those who are familiar w/ CA and the L.A. area. I'm currently an inactive Level II Reserve Peace Officer and attended the LASD Reserve Academy. I resigned from a local Police Department and I'm currently working for an Executive Protection Firm. I have an exposed firearm permit and guard card. I carry on private property, however when we are traveling w/ our clients in the public, only agents w/ CCW's can carry. I wanted to see if it is possible for me to obtain one now or would it be easier if I become an active reserve again?

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