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    Quote Originally Posted by Running Arrow Bill View Post
    Interesting! I'm in the Texas Panhandle region. Most of ranchers around here wear Western clothing which is not tucked in 7/365. I did recently observe a gun store employee wearing a Fanny Pack case in front. Barely noticed it...

    Just wondering, in "Texas" other than the yuppie Dallas how PC a fanny pack wearing would look for "straight" guys in the summer (unless one wasn't jogging, etc.)

    Agree that patterned, slightly larger, and/or cotton/twill shirts are less likely to print...

    They are not that uncommon around here in the summer time. Of course when I see someone with one the first thing I think of is "They are packing heat" even though of course not necessarily everyone with one is. I carry in a holster most of the time with a loose shirt over it or a jacket as the weather gets cooler. Also in cooler weather I have a leather vest with built in gun pockets that I like to use.
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    I wear a fanny pack in the summer when I run or ride my bicycle. You would never know I was carrying. I use the following.

    KA-BAR TDI Fanny Pack
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    Sig 220

    i carry a full size P200 in a Crossbreed Supertuck holster. I lower the holster so the grip is jjust above the belt line and use about 15degrees of cant. Works beautiful. Just not not super comfortable on a 300 mile trip in the car with that long barrel.

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    While not exactly a fanny pack, here's an idea that you might try.

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    Quote Originally Posted by glock36 View Post
    I quite comfortably and easily conseal a sig pro using the Cross Breed Supertuck Delux. You would be doing yourself a favor by looking into one. The more you wear one the more it becomes part of you, also consider a good gun belt for a stable platform.
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    Plus ONE on a "Supertuck" deluxe!

    I can easily conceal my XDM40 in a Supertuck worn in a full cant. (even under a golf shirt)

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    i just got an XDm 3.8....Another SuperTuck on order!

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