Concealed carry BELT?
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Thread: Concealed carry BELT?

  1. Concealed carry BELT?

    Anyone have any recommendations on a good solid CC belt?

    I've never been much into clothes lol and usually buy the cheapest thing I can get. Anchor blue, Walmart, etc belts aren't cutting it anymore. I've nearly severed my current belt. I like to have my belt very tight (more comfortable for me...dunno why) and these "Pleather" belts can't take it. I'm starting to think I need to just wear my duty belt- oh wait, that's not concealed :(

    I'm a dealer for most major manufacturers including 5.11, Blackhawk, Boston Leather, blah blah blah I've just never used one of their damn belts and don't stock them lol anyone have a reccomendation from a major manufacturer?
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    I use a Kramer IWB #3 holster and an 1.5" Kramer double thick horsehide belt. Whatever one uses, I think that the belt and holster should match--meaning secure, snug fit rather than blend together fashionable.

    I have a Dalton belt and holster for my SIG, that I almost never use. They don't play well with the Kramer stuff.

    Some might balk at a 1.5" double thick belt, but I've not yet encountered a problem with casual pants, dress slacks or jeans belt loops that didn't fit. No one looks at your belt and declares, "Aha! A wide belt! Must be a gun carrier!"
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    I have both the leather and webbing [instructor belt] from Galco. They're both comfortable and do a good job of handling even my .500 S&W revollver.

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    A good belt is important in properly carrying your firearm. The belt serves as the foundation for the holster. A properly secured holster will ensure that when you draw your firearm, your holster stays where it supposed to. Boston Leather makes an excellent belt. I had a 5.11 belt for a while, then opted for the wider and more comfortable Bianchi garrison belt that currently use as my primary.

    There are many excellent belt makers online. Check them out and find one that's going to serve the purpose and not wear out too quickly.

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    I travel to San Antonio, once and sometimes twice per year. I always go see a local saddle maker in Boerne, TX (Doug's Saddlery). He makes custom holsters and gun belts too. I have 4 custom gun belts from him. Very nice workmanship! He also has made some beautiful custom collars for my two labs. I'll be seeing him in April for a collar for my new English Pointer. There are saddle shops all over the place that turn out quality gun leather. Don't overlook that!

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    I have a 1-3/4" & thick belt I got several years from Cabelas. Very sturdy. Anything less wide is asking for holstered piece to tilt, etc. Also, make sure belt is as tight as you can stand comfortably.

    For cold weather wear, I use a down vest and/or a canvas vest (or) a canvas lined ranch coat. No problem with printing.

    Warm weather...a signifiant problem, however...

  8. Thanks for all the suggestions. I think i'm going to look into a saddle co. that sounds like it would be a quality belt...
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    check this out on ebay.
    I bought this belt and am very pleased with it. $29. shipped. Nice thick leather, american made. I bought the brown, I'm going to get the black one next. I hang my sig 239 in a desantis cozy iwb on it.

  10. Just FYI: I went with a 5.11 Tactical 1.5" casual belt with "permastiff" insert. It was allegedly designed for carrying so i'll let yall know how it holds up. I wish I would have seen the above post prior to ordering though :(
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    I just got a 5.11 tactical operator belt with perm stiff nylon insert. Man does this thing work like a dream it keeps the gun at my side and not down by my feet like my fake leather belt from wal-mart did. Well worth the money in my book. They say it's tested and can hold up to 6000 pounds so if it came down to it you could use it to drag someone out of the line of fire.


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