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Thread: Clarify SC CW Law SECTION 16-23-465

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    Quote Originally Posted by Red Hat View Post
    I'm not going to elaborate on this subject because it's been questioned and debated for years. There is evidence in the law that can make it go either way. In my case as in a lot of others, concealed is concealed period.
    My sentiments exactly!

    I personally think Bars, alcohol and guns should NOT mix PERIOD! Therefore, I do NOT go into any Bars!

    But, if I go into a resturaunt and "THEN" find out it serves alcohol, I don't go back out to the car to take off my weapon.
    (I think this would send a signal to any BG's who may be casing the parking lot that there may be a gun in my car.)

    I regularly eat lunch at a few resturaunts that serve "beer". There are also quite a few LEO's that eat at these establishments as well. There has NOT been one single time that any LEO said anything to me; and I know several of them knew I was carrying.

    I was also told by FOUR "active" LEO instructors: "Concealed means concealed". They also told me, "You should carry "Everywhere" you possibly can.

    When pushed further, they stated that LEO's aren't out there trying to catch every CC'er who may be carrying into a resturaunt that serves alcohol or an establishment that has a "No Concealed Weapons" sign. (They have more "Important" things to do!)

    They could NOT tell us it was ok to act illegally, but they could say; "Carry everywhere you can" AND "Concealed means concealed".

    I'm NOT a lawyer and they weren't either.

    I'll just say the same thing they did:
    "When in doubt seek out a lawyer;"
    "if in doubt leave it out;"
    "take others advice with a grain of salt;"
    "carry everywhere you can"
    "remember concealed means concealed."

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    My assumption is that most restaurants serve alcohol because it is a major source of revenue. The only exceptions will be fast food chains. Other than that restriction I've not run into many places in the Myrtle Beach area that have legal signs regarding concealed weapons. The Grand Strand Mall has the most prominent signs but they're not legal and there are many entrances into the mall from anchor stores that have no notices at all.

    I'm of the mindset that concealed is concealed. There are many BGs in this area based on what I read in the paper every day and I'm not going to be their next opportunity. Also, there is a bill in SC that is currently under consideration that would make it illegal only to carry in the bar area of a restaurant.

  4. It's clear. You can't do it. I'm not sure how you could read the code section and say that it's open for interpretation.

    SECTION 16-23-465. Additional penalty for unlawfully carrying pistol or firearm onto premises of business selling alcoholic liquors, beers or wines for on premises consumption.

    In addition to the penalties provided for by Sections 16 11 330 and 16 23 460 and by Article 1 of Chapter 23 of Title 16, a person convicted of carrying a pistol or firearm into a business which sells alcoholic liquor, beer, or wine for consumption on the premises is guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction, must be fined not more than two thousand dollars or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.
    In addition to the penalties described above, a person who violates this section while carrying a concealable weapon pursuant to Article 4, Chapter 31, Title 23, must have his concealed weapon permit revoked.

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