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    Im pretty sure everyone on this forum owns 12 crossbreeds for every gun they have. You can look into comp-tac Minotaurs as well...Same concept as crossbreeds, however from a direct comparison to what Ive seen the comp-tac holds the pistol a little tighter, and there are lots of clip/hook's you can choose from (not sure about the CB) The Minotaur also has padding, I think the newer CB's do now...again not sure. Just another option to look little more expensive but they are nice.

  3. If you are happy with your Canute why not stick with UBG. Looks like Nate has just added the XDm (both the 9mm and .40) to his lineup so that might be an option you want to consider.

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    +1 on the Kholster , I have the Crescent for my Taurus PT111 Mil Pro and love it .


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    Crossbreed Supertuck

    i own 4 of them for various guns. I carry my Kimber Ultra Carry II about 18 hours a day. Best holster i have ever owned and customer service is second to none.

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    Hello all. New to forum. Just received my Crossbreed holster for my Bersa .380CC. Wearing as I type. So far its noticeable but I understand that it will take a week or two to conform to side of my waist. I have a slight "muffin" (part of aging and love of sweets). I will give it my best try in the next two weeks and see how it works out. Look forward to ready the info on the forum related to CC and firearm discussions.

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    I might have to give the Galco Summer Comfort a try, I have been satisfied with their Miami Classic Shoulder Holster. I don't typically use IWB holsters, I stick with either OWB or shoulder holsters.

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    XDM40 and a "Supertuck" match made in heaven.

    Marks a great guy and makes a great product. He owns the XDTalk website. You can go to and learn all you need to know about the Crossbreed line of holsters and the "Supertuck".

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    My carry options are:
    1- Kimber Eclipse in a Milt Sparks Summer Comfort II
    2-Kimber Ultra CDP II in a LittleBear IWB
    3-Kimber Pro Carry II in either of the two above
    4-Glock 26 in a Galco Summer Comfort
    5-Sig P238 Eclipse in a Little Bear IWB that should be here soon.
    What I carry depends on my attire for the day and my activety that day
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    I usually carry an Uncle Mikes IWB, size 15 with my Ruger SR9. They are soft nylon with a single clip on the side. They ride a little lower than most so they don't slide out or off your pants. They are comfortable enough to carry all day, everyday and soft enough on the inside so as not to scratch or rub your gun. I've tried some other more expensive holsters but I really do like the cheap old Uncle Mikes inside the pants holster with thumbreak better. (they ain't gonna win no beauty contests but they do the job great. A real workhorse in my opinion.)
    "They can have my guns, one round at a time . . ."

  11. Crossbreed mini, like it.

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