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Thread: License to carry is hereby Granted, NYS

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    It is not necessarily hard to get a permit, but she may get restrictions such as hunting/target practice only placed on the permit. It depends on the judge, and it depends on the circumstances.
    Have your friend call the Sheriff's Office at 518-828-0601 ext. 1414. She will need to pick up an application packet and get references and fingerprinted.

    She would also need to complete the NRA Basic Pistol Class, but it has to be with an instructor IN Columbia County approved by the Columbia County Sheriff's Office. This needs to accompany the application and must be completed before the application is submitted. (interesting because technically you cannot fire a handgun in NY without a permit, and this class includes firing)

    There is a fee of 105.25 for the processing of the application. It usually takes about 3 months to 6 months to get.

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    Thanks for the info. I will pass it along. Do you really need a permit to even just shoot a handgun?

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    Technically to even touch a handgun, and you cannot touch a handgun that is not specifically listed on your permit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrjam2jab View Post
    No...more than likely the license is good until it expires. OP just wouldnt be able to renew.

    One Each: Have you had to deal with a renewal while living in SC yet?
    working on it, seems to be a very easy state to get your permit. and no I have no convictions or any felonys, clean as can be..
    took the class a few months ago, just waiting on the long obama list of so many people waiting to get there permit. then I will apply for a few other states for my non res. and will be covered where ever I feel like going with out the ny hassal?????

    anyone else have a full carry from ny and moved out of state, tell mr your ideas on this..

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