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Thread: Anyone carry a Kahr CW9?

  1. I carry thr CW9, either as my primary using a Galco IWB.Very comfortable, easy to shoot, decent accuracy. I added the trijicom front sight and it make a big difference. About the only down side for me is the small hump in the trigger guard and my large fingers. As it is a single stack, I also carry 2 additional mags. I will also use the CW9 as a backup when I carry a full size 45. As a backup, I use a Galco Ankle Glove which is very comfortable and you will forget you have it on
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  3. Love it!

    Would recommend it for IWB carry!

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    Although this thread is a little dated; I'll throw my two cents worth in...

    I don't carry the CW9 from Kahr, I do carry the PM9 from Kahr. Excellent carry firearm. Small, well constructed, accurate at defensive distances. I've carried my Kahr PM9 in a Cattasi Holsters Zura for over nine months. It's comfortable while in the car on the road; and because of my job I am wearing different pants and shirts depending on the situation, the combination of the Kahr PM9 and the Zura from Cattasi Holsters, I am always concealed and the rig is always comfortable.

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    I have a CW45.

    I fine the CW45 too bulky to carry comfortably as we'll. I've switched to a Smith &Wesson Bodyguard in .380. I use Hornady Critical Defense ammo. A pocket holster conceals it quite nicely.

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    Does anyone carry a Kahr CW9 and how do you carry it?

    Right now I carry a full-size 9mm on the hip IWB and it's not working out so well. Driving is a problem and the discreet unholstering of the gun in the car before going into some "no carry" zone. Besides, I'm not a big guy and the gun wasn't designed for concealed carry.

    What interests me about the Kahr is its size - big enough to handle, small enough to conceal, its reputation for quality/reliability, and its price. I am considering pocket, hip and shoulder holsters. Anyone with experience and/or advise?

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    If he's having a hard time with comfort or concealing that Kahr, I think he'll have a more difficult time with a glock. Kahrs are very thin due to them having single stacked mags. Glocks are wider due to the double stacked variant. An ex of mine carried a Kahr CW 40 in a crossbreed appendix rig and she loved it. It was a pain in the ass to take apart and clean though.
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  7. Im curious as well

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