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Thread: 10 Commandments of Concealed Carry

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    Quote Originally Posted by thornton8000 View Post
    Awesome post great read!
    As one who is going to go and get his CCW here in the next 6months it was great insight. This site has been awesome in terms of learning and insight about what to carry and diff forms of applications and accessories. Keep awesome things like this coming.

    Hey, thorntorn, re-read the part about getting some serious defensive/tactical training and be sure to do that, if at all possible. I thought I could shoot until I did that and man, was I surprised at what I didn't know. Now, I'm hooked: whenever I can scape the time and money together, off we go to Frontsight. Great vacation, too!
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    10 commandments of Concealed Carry

    I plan on getting training as much as I can afford my father in law in retired military so I have a great resource, and have had family that also was in the military that also trained me in firearms. So I have a great base to be starting from, just need to get back into it since with my 1st marriage the ex was scared to death of firearms, so I never went to the range, or ever had a gun in the home till my present wife who was raised in a military family.

    Thanks for all the awesome input here on this site, this has been a great help and the reading is usually always good, and the info helps with studying so I better understand the things I'll need to know.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ClearSightTactical View Post
    I'm definitely no Ayoob, and have great respect for him. I do have to point out that the element of surprise is something swat teams, police officers, and the military rely on. You as a civilian will need defensive tactics not offensive tactics. The criminal has the element of surprise, and to use this as a reason is contradictory to the statement "reactionary use of force". I believe there was a post on here titled "the open carry argument" that outlined details like this very well...

    ...my opinion...
    Furthermore, you run the risk of being called in to 9-1-1 as a ‘man with a gun.’
    The above is probably more pertinent. The thought of running across a trigger happy cop scares me. If it doesn't scare you, I suggest watching the video of Michael McCloskey being shot in the back.

    The officer was prosecuted and convicted btw. I wonder if he would have been had McCloskey been (legally) open carrying? I seriously doubt it.

  5. Great read; very informative;;;

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    bg sees my oc and leaves, goes finds some else and kills them.

    I don't like that idea. I would rather he not see mine and try me.
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    I have had the opportunity to have a brief conversation w/ Mr. Ayoob, he is a member at THR. His articles are generally well written and well thought out. I just happen to disagree w/ him on the issue of open carry.
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    definitely have to get the book for husband/Christmas!! Thanks!!!!!!!!!

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    Thumbs up

    Thank you for posting these commandments. I will print them and read them often.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edsworld View Post
    bg sees my oc and leaves, goes finds some else and kills them.

    I don't like that idea. I would rather he not see mine and try me.
    Same here.

    Great read.

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    Clearly, without prejudice, Ayoob is a friend to the seelf defense carrier. Awesome article. Every anti-gunner should be forced to read it, as some may even be converted, if not at least partially appeased. carry on.

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