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Thread: Travelling to Maryland

  1. Pull over somewhere in Virginia before you cross the Border to Maryland. Unload the weapon, and put the weapon in a locked container in the trunk. Put the ammo and/or magazine in a separate container. When you get to you son's place take the weapon out and store it in your son's home until you are ready to leave.

    When you leave, put the locked container back into the trunk, and when cross over into Virginia, Lock & load!
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  3. Maryland is very problematic to carry. The only way anyone I know has been able to is while working security and on duty and even then its been fairly hard to get the permit. Non LEO or security officers. I plan on getting out of the state as soon as I can because of the state laws

  4. One further issue- If your son is living on a military installation, you may need to utilize your motel's safe. Guns are not allowed on post, and they can thoughly search your car, if they so desire.

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