Holster options for Springfield XD .40 Subcompact
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Thread: Holster options for Springfield XD .40 Subcompact

  1. Holster options for Springfield XD .40 Subcompact

    Question is in the title....the holster that comes with this pistol "leans" out and it is utterly obvious that I am carrying.

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    Crossbreed SuperTuck. Works very well with mine.
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    Xd Sub-compact holster

    Yeah I just the XD .40 Sub-compact a couple of weeks ago and I can't stand using the belt holster that came with it! The gun is to top heavy for it. It moves around way to much and every time I undo my belt, the gun almost goes crashing to the floor! I like the paddle holster's for this gun, especially in the winter wearing a jacket. Paddles are easy to draw from and they stay in place, but are kind of uncomfortable when seating in a car. Springfield has an adjustable one to that would work and they are fairing cheap $$. Fobus makes a good paddle too. I'm ambidextrous so I try to carry differently depending on what I'm doing that day. Haven't tried a shoulder holster for it yet.

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    I have an XD45 Compact (4" Barrel w/ the shortened grip), and I'm planning on getting a Crossbreed SuperTuck when I start carrying at the end of the month (waiting on my license).

    I currently have a Blackhawk! Sportster paddle holster (got mine for $30 at Bass Pro) for open carry, and I love it. I haven't found it uncomfortable in the least--whether I'm in the car, walking, or sitting in my office chair--and it's very easy to draw from. The obvious problem is that it sticks out from your body more than an IWB holster like the Crossbreed, so it's not great for concealment unless you have a decently heavy coat to put over it.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Piece Corps View Post
    Crossbreed SuperTuck. Works very well with mine.
    I just ordered this one. Thanks!!!

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