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    Quote Originally Posted by HK4U View Post
    Technically I think you are still required to notify but they removed the penality if you don't which is I guess a law without any teeth.

    Correct. The law is still in place...just the penalty for not notifying was removed.

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    If you are being questioned or detained by LEO in the course of a traffic stop or investigation, or other police business Yes inform them and allow them if it makes them more comfortable to disarm you and make the weapon safe while in their presence. In the situation described here I would say if it’s concealed and you’re in possession of it by permit than proceed as you would normally. No need to make any abnormal accommodations.
    You can give peace a chance alright..

    I'll seek cover in case it goes badly..

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    NO, NO, NO ... Please don't print cards saying I'm carrying a gun and start handing them out to every LEO you see!

    However, If you do decide to do that at least make sure you are wearing your official Concealed Carry BADGE pinned prominently to your chest when you hand them the card.

    The need to notify is ALWAYS only when an officer is interacting in an OFFICIAL CAPACITY as stated in the previous posts.

    Here in Florida we have no duty to notify and whether you are a permit holder or not IS NOT presented to the officer in the routine radio background check so the decision of if the officer is to know or not is stricktly up to you as a courtesy even during "official interaction".

    Of course if they ask ... anytime ... THEN yes, you must disclose that you are carrying regardless of the circumstance of the interaction.

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    Telling an officer in a diner sounds like bravado - look at me, I have a concealed weapon permit! As far as during a traffic stop, I highly encourage it. Have your driver's license and your CHL both ready to hand the officer. Make sure you have dropped the window at least half way - maybe 2/3 - and have both hands on the wheel. As soon as he gets your CHL he will realize he is dealing with someone with no wants and warrants or criminal history - at least at the time the permit was issued. Be polite - "Yes sir", "No sir", etc. Every time I have done this I have been treated with the otmost courtesy and respect and have gotten away with warnings mostly. The last time I had a nice chat with the LEO about my Camaro and the new ones on the market. These guys deal with the scum of the earth most of the time and they are happy when they run across a good guy.

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    Regarding the Texas law cited in previous posts, I fail to see anything about notification during contact with police. What I read is that the penalty is removed for failure to display the permit if the officer says "let me see it." Seems that this would have nothing to do with a situation where you are pulled over or stopped on foot by the cops, where you have the legal obligation to tell the officer you are licensed and carrying. And as far as approaching officers in non-contact situations and telling them you are armed is just silly. Not trying to be insulting, but there it is.

  7. In my CHL class, the instructors said it is better to just go ahead and give the officer both your Texas DL and and your CHL even if you are not carrying. As soon as he runs your license he will see you are CHL registered any way and will them wonder what you are hiding.


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    Hey mrblugil: I'm not trying to be sarcastic but WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD YOU EVEN THINK THAT WAY? Look at other thread on "inform the officer or not" and read a host of varied answers on the real scenario--when an LEO is doin his job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TXiceman View Post
    In my CHL class, the instructors said it is better to just go ahead and give the officer both your Texas DL and and your CHL even if you are not carrying. As soon as he runs your license he will see you are CHL registered any way and will them wonder what you are hiding.

    Not to recreate the other thread...but why would LEO assume you are hiding something by not informing??? Do you inform him/her of everything that you have in your vehicle?

  10. In SC it is not necessay to inform police if you are carrying like in a diner, But in NC the law is different. If you are in the proximity of police officer like in a mall or store the law is inform the police officer. I still do not like it because u can cause attention to your self.But that is the law. I always wonder though if you have a out of state permit for say NH so you can carry in GA> should you inform police?

  11. One more thing about showing officer CCW while at traffic stop..Do not immediately reach for ID and permit when officer approaches car, if they see you moving around or reaching in glove compartment they get concerned. Best to keep both hands on steering wheel until officer gives you command to retrieve lecense or registration etc. Then tell him before you reach for permit that you have one. Better to take precaution..

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