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Thread: advice on S.C. CWP

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    Good Luck shhmitty!

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    Thank you to all that responded with advice and concern on my getting a CWP, I had worried from the day that I sent all that paper work in back in Dec. that I would be denied my right to carry because of a stupid mistake I made years ago, well the state of S.C. doesn't see my past mistakes as a concern because I recieved my CWP today!!!!! I'm rereading the CWP laws of the state again to make sure not to break any of them and am gettin ready for my first outing while conceal carrying, thanks again USA CARRY and to all of you who helped with advice.


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    That's FANTASTIC shhmitty! I know exactly what you mean - that sigh of relief when the permit shows up in the mail. At least you didn't have to appeal like I did!

    Made me make sure that my kids don't do stupid crap like I did right after high school... :)
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    Congratulations shhmitty! I'm glad it all worked out for you. Carry safe!
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    Congrats Shhmitty! Welcome to the club.

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