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Thread: What flashlight and how do you carry it?

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    NiteCore Smart Ring SR3
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    I have a Surefire 6P led model. I just carry it in my inside jacket pocket. Summers, it just isn't carried.

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    I carry a Surefire E2D clipped to my left front pocket (weak side). I would line a setup like CST posted or a horizontal carrier, but I have yet to find one for the E2D model.

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    gander mountain makes a wicked light for $50.00 235 lumen and low setting, 8 per second flasher, green, blue and red light and the red light blinks S O S in the last mode. Only drawback is getting it into a mode takes a second. I have a holster clip and it sits right next to my cell phone and leathermen on my belt.
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    Smith & Wesson Powertech SW1005CREE M&P Series 3 Watt. Very small yet bright. It has a belt clip so it stays anyplace I put it. Cool weather, in the left jacket pocket. Summer, in the left front pocket.

    I like the mag and flashlight rigs. I'll have to try and find one that will fit the small light.
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    I also carry a E2D. I have a kydex holster for it, but it doesn't fit anymore because I upgraded the end to a wicked bright LED. I never felt that it was that secure in the kydex holster anyhow. I prefer to carry it in my jacket pocket or front pants pocket. I just carry it in my hand when I'm in parking lots or dimly lit areas.
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    I carry on Surefire Backup, both on duty and off. It fits nicely clipped to my weakside rear pocket. I love this little light, other than my kids take it to play with and it takes me 15 minutes to find it. I should probably start locking it in my safe with the rest of my gear.

  9. same light - 2 set ups, ok 3...

    gotta agree on the E1B -
    I have carried my Surefire E1B for about 2 years now. Couldn't be happier with the brand, the default to "blinding mode", battery life, or the multiposition clip. (It can clip to a ball cap, sorta heavy, but it works in a pinch)

    1.If I have pockets (most of the time) it rides in my right front pocket. (I'm a lefty, so this is my off hand side)

    2.No pockets (basketball shorts, summer, etc) It rides in the middle zipper pocket of the Tommy's Gun Pack, clipped upright on some thin cardboard wrapped with ducktape....easy to get to

    3rd is when I'm out on a trip in the canoe and paddling...clipped to the PFD

  10. I carry a surefire G2. Yellow Nitrolon. Couldn't be happier. carry on a belt holster or back pocket. I easily use it 10 times a day or better. I never could figure out why the CSI or NCIS team used a flashlight in a lighted room but with this light it is easy to understand. I have the LED version. 80 lumens. Digitally controlled output. 100 yard range (at least). Incredible battery life. Love it.
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    I carry an Ultrafire A6, 100 lumens, 1 AAA battery in a Safariland Mag carrier on my strong side with a SOG Multitool next to it. Works great, looks good, hardy know they are there. Got all on Ebay

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