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    i am a big revolver fan. i admit to owning a semi-automatic but through the years i have grown to like the simplicity and reliability of revolvers. you have probably heard the arguments on both sides and in the end we all go wqith what suits us. i carry a north american arms 22 mag, but at times i carry a 38 special charter arms 5 shot snubby. in the 38 i use 110 grain hollow points and stay away from the +P because of the recoil and besides the short barrel doesnt give the +P to reach its potential. in my opinion any gun you have with you is better than the one at home.

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    I carry a Smith 638 with .38 Special +P ammo most of the time. When I carry a bigger gun, it's a 3" M65 with 125gr .357's.
    - enfield

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