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    Out of State License

    because my state does not allow any CCW options I am looking at getting an out of state license which has reciprocity in a number of other states. Is there real value in this or am I just spending money?

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    There are several states that issue non-resident permits. Among the best to obtain are Florida, Utah, and Arizona. Choose the one, or one's, that give you the best reciprocity for states you travel in. You can use the following to help you decide:

    Concealed Carry Permit Reciprocity Maps

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    I just took the Utah non-resident class and must say, for the states you get, it is the best deal going. With my Pa. license and Utah I can carry in 34 states. That does not include New Hampshire-which may give me one or two more. However, the renewal for NH is $100.00, so that one is going by the wayside.

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