I think I said on another forum: "You absolutely did the right thing!"

I'll say it again; you can be proud of yourself in this situation. You escaped a situation where that could have been a LOT worse.

Believe me when I tell you: "You may feel bad because you think your "Manhood" was attacked and you let yourself down."


The feeling you would have had AFTER killing someone would be a WHOLE LOT WORSE!

Think about this for just a minute:
"IF" you did get into an altercation
you killed that POS who started something
you were ultimately arrested
you spent several days in jail
it costs you 1000's of dollars on an attorney
it took months and months to defend yourself in a "criminal" court room THEN
you had to spend months and months defending yourself in a "civil" court room,

would happen to your wife throughout this long and turmultuous process?
would you be able to give her the proper care?

Heaven forbid!
What if you were found "quilty" of murder because you escalated the situation, INSTEAD of doing what you did?

WHO would care for your wife while you were in prison?

I highly recommend you find a way to: "Let it go" and get on with your life.

Your wife needs your FULL attention!
As long as this keeps bothering "YOU", it will deprive "HER".

You did GREAT! Quit letting this bother you.

There's an old saying I learned as a kid: "It takes MORE of a MAN to walk away from a fight than it does to engage in a fight!"