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Thread: Has anyone here ever drawn their weapon?

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    I never have, but I've pulled it out and sat it on my lap a few times while driving at night.

  3. I pulled mine a few months ago. I was going into my grandpas building where I have a bunch of stuff stored. As I was unlocking the door I heard a noise inside. I drew my 45 and proceeded to walk through. I didn't find anything. But it felt good to know I was protecting myself.

    It was scary.

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    About 25 years ago, about nine at night, I was coming out of a mall dept. store and was walking back to my van. I saw a large guy walking an intercept course to me, so I got out the keys and when I passed my van, I opened the driver's door ~ got in and locked it with my elbow quick like.

    The guy came up to the driver's door and asked "Are you going uptown?" I said "Yes" and glanced into the large bubble mirror on the door. The BG had a very large hunting knife in his right hand and was using the left to very slowly push in on the door button. When he saw it was locked, he started banging on the window glass with the knife.

    I grabbed an EMPTY .25 automatic off the engine shroud, jacked it like I was chambering a round, and said "Fella, if you wanna play, we'll play." He then said "No problem!" turned and scampered off.
    Scared him and me pretty bad. I went back in to the store and reported it.

    Why was it empty? I owned a business back before CC was the law. I could carry inside the business was all. I went to the local city police and asked if there was any way I could carry while taking the daily money to the bank. It was informally agreed I could open carry in the city while transporting the money to the bank w/a full magazine but none chambered. (Rural areas was already OC.) At all times the weapon had to be on the engine shroud. When I dropped the money in the night box, the mag had to come out. Better than nothing, I thought. The only way back then to get a concealed carry permit was to take county "special deputy" training. I had dropped the money at the bank earlier is why the mag was out. The empty auto maybe saved my butt that night.

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    I never have, and hope to that I never will. But I stand ready...

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2beararms View Post
    Sorry to hear that you had to take a life.

    I chuckled a bit a part of your story remembering about a week ago when I went to the range and at the station next to me on the line were two "dudes" with shirts to their knees, pants that started just above that and hats on at 45 degree "gang" style shooting some cheap looking semi-auto (I could not figure what brand) looked like .32 auto holding it "gangsta" and missing the target most of the time.

    However, I was impressed that they were paying for range time to play rather than just shooting up the street somewhere...

    Good gangstas? Their mama won't let them gangbang?
    My range owner is a retired cop "hard ass", the front door to the shop has large print signs/posters that are to be read before one even thinks about trying to ring for entry. ANYONE who has "gangster", "illegal" or "Muzzie terrorist" written all over him.... might as well go home. (Illegal profiling? Maybe. But it IS his business.)

    Haven't had to "draw down" in civvie life as yet. DID manage to "bluff" my way through what could have been a bad situation just before I retired. (I posted that somewhere in here a month or so ago.) I think it was that incident that finally decided me to get a CCL...... have had weapons at home forever (legal or no, community wise) and usually "pack" one in the car for longer trips.... Little things change your mind in life.

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    OTOH, I HAVE killed, but that was self defence of my Country (in addition to my butt) in some little corner of a jungle. LOL!

    So.... been there, done that..... STILL not the most pleasant of experiences, to say the least.

    Fanatics of any sort are dangerous! -GG-
    Which part of "... shall NOT be infringed..." confuses you?
    Well now, aren't WE a pair, Raggedy Man? (Thunderdome)

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    I've been carrying for 35 years. I had to draw once, never fired.That time, the bg walked right up to the line. He was stopped at a stop sign. I pulled up behind him and waited. After a while, I gave a short toot on my horn. He jumped out of his car and started walking towards me with a 3 foot axe handle raised over his head. I had decided that the next step he took towards me would be his last. I believe that he saw that I was ready and willing to shoot, and decided to leave. There is no doubt that I would have been in desperately bad shape had I not been armed (Colt SN Commander .45) that day. I think about that day when I don't feel like strapping on that SN Commander.
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    Years ago, my mother was out back in the sun room of her old house around 0100. She heard someone walking very slowly up to the door(wooden stairs), she ran to get me... I was elsewhere in the house. I grabbed my Llama .380 baby 1911 and proceded to the sun room to check it out.

    Whoever it was had taken off when my mother got up I assume. I used a flashlight and my weapon to search the area around the back of the house. I found boot prints fresh on the bank of the creek where this individual had fled. Just to let whoever may have been there or still hiding I fired 1 round into a tree near me.

    Hearing the shot our "biker" neighbors came out of there house armed as well. I told them what was happening and we all searched the area. Only finding the boot prints of someone running away.

    That's the closest I've gotten to pulling a weapon on someone. I hope I never do anything more than this.
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    I tried drawing my Glock with my neffew's set of crayons. I found out that when it comes to art, I should stick to either photography or music.

  11. I have had to draw my firearm 1 time since I got my license. I came home to a dark house that is always very well illuminated outside by exterior lighting. This was around 12:30 am after closing the restaurant I was working at. Upon driving into the driveway which is about 100 feet long I could see some items on my porch that were not there when I left. I live in an area of Florida with a lot of vagrants and empty homes. I parked the car with the high beams on the porch and drew my Ruger P345 as I exited the vehicle. I approached the home and cleared the porch as well as both sides of the yard. I then called the police. While on the phone with dispatch I informed them that I would be waiting on them int front yard armed. I gave her a detailed description and when the officers arrived I reholstered the .45. The officers and I cleared the house and rear of the property finding no one. The vagrant had stolen some things and a bike but was definitely planning on returning for his other things. I waited on the porch with the lights off for 2 hours but he never returned. I was very glad he was gone when I got home and that I didn't have to use my weapon. I WILL protect myself, my loved ones, and my castle!

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