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Thread: Has anyone here ever drawn their weapon?

  1. Not yet

    I have only been carrying for 4 months but I tend to follow my gut and
    stay away from any situation that I may have to pull it like I tell everyone
    Id rather have it and not need it then to need it and not have it. I hope to
    god I never have to use it other than the range but if put in the situation
    I will not hesitate too "Id rater be judged by 12 then carried by "

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grognard Gunny:209010
    OTOH, I HAVE killed, but that was self defence of my Country (in addition to my butt) in some little corner of a jungle. LOL!

    So.... been there, done that..... STILL not the most pleasant of experiences, to say the least.

    LOL LMAO RAOTF!!!!!!! This Guy is hilarious!!!!!! Really LOL!!!!!

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    Just the way he words it true old school!!!!!

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    It was this spring on a Friday night I got off work @ 2am just as the bars are closing I hate that I was running late for work because I was forced to get gas when I got off (big mistake in Detroit ) I was on our famous 8 mile rd ... I'm a fan of shell gasoline so I always use that fuel as I pulled up to the pump I'm lucky because the station was empty (fantastic ) I go in to pay for my gas come out its still empty (fabulous ) I pour in a bottle of ejection cleaner and try to toss it in the trash about 2 yards away missed as the can container pops towards a car full of Young adults that was pulling up to the pump (damn) in the Cadillac 2 girls 2 guys the young lady gets out the car weed smoke smell just floating out the car saying you saw us coming you tried to hit my (llac) short for Cadillac LOL ...As I try to apologize and explain I didn't see them pulling in the driveway until I tossed it she wasn't trying to hear me she motioned to a male passenger to exit the car he gets out with more weed smoke exiting the vehicle she's telling him I tried to hit his ride I'm pissed because during the whole time I never started the pump (what a idiot ) so now the dude's out the car trash talking I paid them no more attention until the words ( we can get it popping up in here ) for those of you who don't know it means the crap is about to hit the fan!!!!! He told the dude in the backseat to get the chopper out the trunk (AK 47 )I instantly positioned myself on the other side of my car and pulled my FNP 45 stainless and black in color!!! The female saw this screamed that MF got a big ***** gun they male and female jumped back in the car tires screeching headed west on 8 mile rd my heart is pumping not knowing if they are gonna circle the block I go back inside the station gas attendant saw the whole thing and had LEO'S on the way!!!!!! I always get gas before work now LOL!!!!

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    Just three times

    I've unholstered 3 times, fired the pistol once.
    First time, headed home after a ballgame, in the middle of nowhere (place in the country), about 2am. An SUV was following so close that I couldn't see his headlights.
    Sped up a little and the car sped up, eventually bumping my rear almost knocking me off the road. I rolled down my window, whipped onto the shoulder, jumped out, and emptied into the rear of the SUV. He kicked it in warp speed and I never saw him again.
    Second time, headed to the same place (home) driving behind my wife and kids in her truck. I stopped to get gas and she went on home. I pulled in the gate and she was standing in the driveway holding both kids and her PPKS. I cleared with my pistol and a SxS. Someone had broken in a bathroom window, and was apparently still in the house when she came in (only lost 3 long guns out of a gun cabinet). Left our pet Dobermans in the house while we were gone, and couldn't understand how they managed to get in. Next day I found 2 bullet holes in the bathroom ceiling, where they apparently shot to scare the dogs, all I can figure. That night I would have put somebody in the ground!
    Third time, I was outside a convenience store in Arlington, TX talking on the phone. Kept watching a guy hanging around outside the store acting stupid. Finally he came over and knocked on my window yelling at me. I put the muzzle of my HK against the glass, still on the phone, and he turned around and beat feet.

    It pays to be armed in the wild west.

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    Interesting topic.

    A few years ago we went out to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Picked an expensive nice restaurant. Sitting at the bar I spilled a glass of water which rolled along the bar and wet another patron's arm. This muscle-head was half my age and looking to throw down over it. I apologized, offered to pay for dry-cleaning. He got even madder. I then paid his tab and his demeanor changed. He became very nice. Didn't know it was our anniversary... yeah, blah, blah, blah.

    All the while wifey is sitting there with a smile. I later asked her what the smirk was for. She indicated she had her Glock 27 .40 in her pocketbook and had her hand on it the entire time. I was eight weeks out of heart surgery and she wasn't letting muscle-head pound me. I'm very proud of her. Drop of a hat this gal will rock-and-roll.

    BTW, it's not illegal to carry a gun in a bar or restaurant in NY.

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    In my younger days, before I was trained, I had a weapon pointed at someone three times. Since getting training and getting my CHP, I have only been in a situation where my weapon became a factor once (let the drunk know I had it, but did not draw it). Since getting even more advanced training, I have not had to bring my weapon into play, and further realized that three of the four previous encounters could have been avoided by different behaviour on my part. The earliest encounter, where someone tried to break into my house and reconsidered after looking down the barrel of my shotgun, was not reasonably avoidable on my part, unless I lived in one of those whimpy states that make you retreat first.

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    This thread has given me an insight I'd like to share (just in case anyone else is in the same boat). First I haven't ever had to draw and am glad for that; now for my insight.

    I am not allowed to carry at work (govt office, another thread discusses this more); so I'm usually strapping on my weapon when I get home from work. Some days I don't intend to leave the house when I get home (like recently where we've had 115 degree temps with heat index) so I leave the gun in the safe. After reading this thread I might change this pattern of mine. Anyone else notice how many of these incidents (newer and older posts) happened around home? Just something to think about.

    My family did have a near miss recently though. I was away with my family home and they thought they heard me come in the back door. After I didn't respond when they called out and I didn't come upstairs they were a little confused. Until I came home 30-45 minutes later. Still not sure who it was that came in our back door and took nothing (2 digital cameras with easy access) and nothing's happened since. Had I come home and found someone in my house that didn't belong with my family I'm sure it would have come out, I did have it on me that night.
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    You are all making me really glad I like in Podunk, Idaho.

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    [QUOTE=Peregrine Falcon;214224]This thread has given me an insight I'd like to share (just in case anyone else is in the same boat). First I haven't ever had to draw and am glad for that; now for my insight.

    After reading this thread I might change this pattern of mine. Anyone else notice how many of these incidents (newer and older posts) happened around home? Just something to think about.


    I learned that a long time ago studying civilian shootings. It seems that an majority of civilian defensive shooting occur at either a person's home, or his place of business. That is why I am never without my sidearm when I am at home.

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