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Thread: How do you carry????

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    Buy a belt.
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    Or get a shoulder holster system.

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    Hey ULfootball211: You never mentioned what kind of firearm you want or intend to CC; it will truly determine what kind of CC you can reasonably expect to use. It seems on these forums that everything less than a 38 (although the lightweight 38s are exceptions for some members) can be pocket carried. Larger calibre/weight CC have a wide range of designs, In any case, you must do your due diligence--investigate all comments on this forum--what one person thinks is great, someone else is unhappy with. Be sure of price--they vary a bit with equal quality. Kydex material is very light and functional and leather can be just as good but will be heavier and, if you are into detailing, a lot more expensive. If unsure, try to find mfgr who has a return policy. So many choices and it comes down to a personal decision so do your homework.

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