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Thread: To Chamber or Not to Chamber?

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    Why are we digging up a 3 year old thread?
    Can't let the tread shovel get rusty now can we.

  3. LOL Sorry LOL ok I am sorry I got hot. Carry the way you want, decide for yourself Thanks for the ice water, LOL Good job!

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    I carry in condition one all the time now. What made the difference was taking a handgun martial arts course where we practice accessing our guns and getting them on the threat as quickly as possible. The few seconds that it would take to chamber a round on my 1911-style carry gun might be the difference between life and death. So there it is.

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    We don't need no stinkin empty chambered pistols. They are about as useful as CCW Badges.

  6. I have, as of late, become a FIRM believer of one in the chamber and ready to go. I carry a Glock most of the time (G30, 26) and it has no (despite the Glock statements) 'manual' safeties. No thumb switch safety, no grip release safety, none except the safeties required to prevent a discharge without pulling the trigger. I carry it chambered, which means that it is something like 90% cocked for the first round as well. To me that is Condition -1. Any pressure on that trigger equals an ND. Period. I have and do also play with several other semi handguns including the compact Sigs and HK's and so on. Frankly, I am now finding that carrying them in Condition 1 more worrisome, believe it or not. The Glock is simple. Keep it well and truly holstered in a quality rig; pay attention when reholstering; do not touch the trigger unless on target; and you are 100% safe. To prove this to myself I carried my Glock with a dummy in the chamber and (needless to say) cocked or semi-cocked around the house unbeknownst to my family for many, many days and when going out removed the dummy and chambered a live round (when stateside and legal to do so, etc.) In almost two years I have had not a single 'incident' although I do caution newbies with the Glock to watch and use TWO hands when reholstering to ensure the clothing does not catch on the trigger and even more important to ensure that one's finger is OFF the trigger when reholstering. I have had the Glocks drop out of my Ghost holster while in competition (talk about embarassing!) without incident and have full confidence in them. I am playing with a host of other Canada legal handguns now although I carry stateside (I reside just north of the 49th. at the moment) which means they must be 4.25" barrel length and 10 rounds max. With any luck and our new Conservative majority government it won't be too long before our gun registry is a thing of the past and our Restricted Possession and Aquisition License is all we need to own a gun. Time will tell. In the meantime? My suggestion is to evaluate your situation and decide if you are comfy with one in the chamber, think about changing guns to one with more safeties, and anytime you feel that a situation may require a rapid or one handed shot.... carry your gun cocked and locked! I have had one situation before carrying that would have cost me my life if the perp were not high as a kite because I would have hesitated to carry loaded and ready to go. Yet another where I had lots of time to load a magazine and rack a round (we cannot store firearms loaded in Canada unless with a permit for protection against bears up north, etc. Really stinks). As always, if you want action to beat reaction, you need to be well trained, practiced and prepared. Condition yellow or red? ALWAYS cocked and locked. Be aware of where you are, your surroundings and where you are headed. Being carjacked? I can absolutely guarantee you that drawing and then having to cock a round into the chamber is going to cost you your life. Been there.

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    If ever involved in a situation that required the use of your weapon It could be over in the time it would take you to Chamber a Round +1 Ready why, why take the chance.Be prepared

  8. If you carry properly, in a holster, I would say say chambered and ready to rock. I knew a gov employee, I won't say what branch, that tried to carry a Glock in the back of his pants, had one in the tube, and yes, a snag and he shot his butt. In the john no less at his office. Try explaining that to the boss! Use the right holster, don't play with it, don't touch the trigger till your ready to end a life. Remember, don't shoot to kill, shoot to stop.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Treo View Post

    Why are we digging up a 3 year old thread?
    I don't care... she's HOT! She puts one in my chamber!
    Anyone who says, "I support the 2nd amendment, BUT"... doesn't. Element of Surprise: a mythical element that many believe has the same affect upon criminals that Kryptonite has upon Superman.

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    I carry my XD 45 and feel the same way, no outside safety makes you alittle nervous about shooting off the goodie bag.

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    Try time you drive around...hold your seat belt in your hand...and when the time comes plug it in real fast. But you gotta be quick or else the belt with lock up.......kinda gets the point across in my mind why I carry condition 1.

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