To Chamber or Not to Chamber?
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Thread: To Chamber or Not to Chamber?

  1. Question To Chamber or Not to Chamber?

    What are pros and cons to CC with 1 in the Chamber?

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    I OC, but either way.. one in the chamber.. or 6 in the wheel as in the case of my S&W .38. Saves valuable time in a defensive shooting scenario. Just remember kids.. keep your booger picker off the bang button.

    Rev. Jim

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    I would carry your pistol with a round chambered, and revolvers should be fully loaded also. But you should carry based on your comfort level. If you are not comfortable carrying with a loaded chamber, then don't.

    When we are put into a life threatening situations, we need to get our gun on target fast. You will be giving your threat several seconds while you try and chamber a round, all while under the fight or flight response. The first shot that is fired from your threats gun could hit you in the shoulder or arm. Now you're going to have to chamber a round and fight with a wounded shoulder or arm that may or may not be of any use to you.

    Carrying without a round chambered also deprives themselves of that precious round. Not having it may come back to bite you later on. I think that if a person is confident in carrying in condition one then they need to do so. Get yourself a nice holster that covers the trigger, and practice good trigger finger discipline and the chances of an ND are very small.

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    If you're not carrying one in the chamber, you will not be ready when it's time to use it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pyros9 View Post
    If you're not carrying one in the chamber, you will not be ready when it's time to use it.
    +1 my colt is condition one

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pyros9 View Post
    If you're not carrying one in the chamber, you will not be ready when it's time to use it.
    I know that's true. But I still carry my XD40SC with an empty chamber. With no outside safety I'm still a little leery of the ND. Even though I KNOW not to put the "booger picker on the bang button" as RevJimII colorfully pointed out. I'm hopeful to get over that and carry it condition 1.

  8. Just got a 9 for Christmas. I have been carrying a snub nosed for the last year and a half. First time out, racked one in the chamber and off I went. I agree it should be based on your comfort level, but if I need it, I want it ready to go.

    The main thing is--carry it if you got it!

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    I'm still on training wheels, but I have one chambered in -- especially when my husband is not home.
    "Don't let the door hit ya where the dawg shudda bit ya!"
    G'day and Glock

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    Hey Y'all: Everyone talks about comfort level and that is a consideration. Really should come down to trigger pull and/or safety lock. I carry a kel tec P3AT in my pocket fully loaded. It has no safety but the trigger pull is substantial and even though someone can always argue a "what if", I find it 100% impossible for me to somehow have that trigger do its thing all by its lonesome so I guess that gets me back to "comfort level" in all the other replies.
    PS: Hey Tucke's Mom: If I ever run into you, remind me to refer to you as maam and be a cordial and respectful old southern genteman. You sure sound like you belong in this forum with mostly us guys. Interestingly, the best shooting I ever saw at a range was a mom and daughter duo who pulled out the darn biggest revolvers and at a significant distance did a job on the head and the heart mass of the paper target. You gals are something to fear and know how to take care of yourselves.Say hello to Tucker.

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    Always one in the chamber because I already have a hammer and don't need another one.

    As to no safety, all of my holsters cover the trigger so nothing can ("should be able to") get caught on it and with my revolver the trigger is exposed but the holster stops the cylinder from turning which stops the mechanism from cycling (I do not carry hammer back). I trust these more than I trust a safety which I have to remember.

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