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Hind sight is 20/20. I work for a living and and needed to get in my rental car to get to my appointment 2.5 hrs away. I think getting in my car and backing up to "run them over" may have pissed 'em off even more and then gotten me in trouble with the law. Assault with a vehicle to get them to move....I don't think that would've been a good move on my part. I think I handled the situation just fine.
I think you missed my point... you knew before you walked out that there was some disturbance outside. You approached the disturbance and spoke to the paries, in effect inserting yourself into the fray.

Being in a hurry to an appointment should have made you more cautious. Had the 4 people decided to stomp you when you told them to act better, would you have gotten to your appointment on time or at all.

My comments about running them down would only apply after you entered into the danger zone... that was your mistake and my comment was meant to point out the limited options that you left yourself.
You should have called 911 sooner, after going out, you should have kept your mouth shut. At that point backing off was the best option you had left. But it wasn;t your only option earlier.