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Thread: Full size or compact?

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    I have been looking at this gun. I like the fact that it is a medium sized gun. I am going to have to shoot one so I can see how it feels.
    The wider grip in the double stack makes it perfect. I love this gun, no FTF, no jams, easy to maintain, and not too heavy to carry
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  3. Laser sights

    Quote Originally Posted by 6shootercarry View Post
    Good choice. I have the full size M&P45 and love it. I live in MA so I had to do some trigger work to get it down to 6.5lbs. Dumb laws here... Added the 10-8 performance rear sight and the Crimson Trace Laser Grip insert (Pics on my page)...

    Enjoy it...

    How do you like your crimsom trace laser sights?

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    My Cx4 Storm needs a buddy so I am probably going to opt for the 92FS Inox (no one in my area has the M9A1).
    Does anyone CC this gun or one as large as this? Looking for any advice if I want to carry it. Not choosing this to carry but I would like to have the option so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hey Y'all: Boy I gotta give you "full size firearm" guys credit and a "full size" commitment to your choices. I realize that I am spitting a little into the ocean to raise the levels with my Kel Tec P3AT and its 380, but I know I would not carry a full size if presented with such an opportunity. Hate stuff in my pockets and around my waist and on my person and believe that my current lifestyle is limited regarding to "situations" and where any kind of CCW would ever be necessary. Always a "what if" but to each his own. Be safe guys and for the sake of the slimeballs out there, I hope they never pick on you.

  6. Carry what you are the most comfortable with (meaning you can hit what you aim at and its' recoil is tolerable for you) and you can conceal it well.

    Larger guns are harder to conceal (duh!) and take more effort to hide but are easier to shoot most of the time. The smaller you get, the easier it is to conceal but the harder it is to shoot accurately. The proper balance between those two opposing requirements is about as personal a choice as you can get. Remember, if you leave it in the sock drawer or in the car because it's a pain in the rear to conceal and carry, it ain't doing you any good if you need it HERE and NOW. If it's the latest and greatest wondergun, great for you. If it's a 2 shot derringer, fine, they can work, too, if you are smart about it.

    Some people can't conceal a full size gun. I used to be that way back in the day when I was over 6 foot tall and weighed all of 145 pounds. There just wasn't a place I could hide a sizable gun on me short of wearing a bulky winter coat all the time. The only limits I've placed on calibers of concealed carry guns is I refuse to bet my life on rimfires (I've had too many duds over the years) and I've seen people and animals shot with .25ACP's that flinched from the noise but were otherwise unaffected, so I don't even own one.

    'Pocket pistol' caliber guns (or 'mouseguns' if you wanna be disparaging) aren't big time one shot fight stoppers but they beat the heck out of throwing rocks because they are HANDY when your big, bad wondergun is under the seat of the car out in the parking lot because it's too big to carry. I'd much rather have a .32 in my hand where I need it than stand there empty handed as I wish I'd carried one of my .45's.

  7. I have, over the last 30 years, carried just about every size and type of handgun. The only one that I regularly carry, because it is light, concealable, and you don't even notice it in the front pocket of a pair of jeans, is a J frame smith and wesson 38. I have five of these guys, one a body guard, two concealed hammer, and two exposed hammer including one in 22 caliber for practice in the basement.

    All have crimson trace laser sights.

    No arugment that a bigger caliber is better, but I find everything else I have too difficult to carry day in and day out. At close range, the 38 is a pretty effective gun, simple, reliable, and safe.

    A gun is not going to do you any good unless you have it on you, regardless of how effective it is.

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    Glock Many modles, different sizes for different occations, but still all the greatness of having a Glock at hand.

  9. I Love GLOCK !!

    concealed carry compact, very comfortable and concealed, not the big one, lol
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