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Thread: Is carrying dangerous?

  1. When carrying, you should always be at a heightened state of awareness. If 2 guys end up having their guns drawn on you, then you really let your awareness slip, and/or you were intentionally roaming the bad parts of town. Both are not what you should do as a CCW holder. You should be practicing your draw speed, firing from different stances and positions, firing both strong arm/weak arm, including reloading and slide operation as if you were injured, and can only use one arm.

    You should also be working on physical fitness, as being out of shape impacts you more than just trying to run away. Being physically fit means you are more alert, well rested, and maintaining mental clarity throughout the day. I highly recommend doing CrossFit (Welcome to CrossFit: Forging Elite Fitness). Once you get good at that, try SealFit (SealFit). Both are free programs, and extremely challenging.

    Overall, you need to develop that warrior mindset, as Dennis mentioned earlier. Be proficient at your weapons, keep yourself in good physical shape, and always keep your life in balance. The less stress you have, and the more at peace you are with yourself, the better you can react if your time comes to prove yourself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Instructor_Dennis View Post
    Itsmee, your concerns aren't groundless. The problem is that you visualize yourself as a victim. Learn to develop and practice the warrior's mindset.

    You should not be standing where two BG's can walk up and get the drop on you because you should have seen them coming a mile away.

    Your remote security system should have picked up the BG's long before they broke into your home - giving you plenty of time to greet them with your Remington 870 shotgun. Start reading here...

    Best advice so far!
    You definitely need to work on a "Mindset" change.
    Taking a few "good" SD classes should help you begin the process.

  4. Remember that you can do things to increase your chance of prevailing in both of those scenarios. You can take many actions to better secure your home to reduce the risk of an armed invasion, including making sure that you have your weapon on your person even when you are in your house. You should be able to draw and fire your handgun when someone first begins breaking a window or trying to kick in your locked doors. As for as danger on the street, you can greatly reduce your risk by increasing your tactical awareness and there are drills that you can do to improve your skills in that area. Be sure that you have taken more than just a basic pistol course. You will need to take Personal Protection Inside and Outside the home or its equivalent. I suspect that some people take just the minimum instruction in order to get their concealed permit. Remember that if a person is a psychopath (no conscious), they are going to probably kill you anyway whether or not you are armed. Always better to have a fighting chance.

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    Does my heart good to keep such good company and sage counsel as I find on this site. Great advice, great mindset from everyone.

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    well me personally, i wont go down without a fight. if a man or woman draws a gun on me, they better squeeze the trigger before i get mine out, cuz i will shoot them. or i will at least die trying to do so. most criminals thrive off of fear. it is the fear factor that drives them and gives them a sense of power. and i would say to be unarmed would be more dangerous as to not being armed. id rather know that i have a chance save my own life than to sit around helpless and listen to some moron on a power trip.

    and the majority of criminals will not persue their goal when they learn that other people are armed as well. and keep in mind that i say "majority" not all are like that. there are always the idiots that like to watch the world burn regardless.

    just be confident and keep your guard up. you should do fine.

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    I would say the general opinion here in answer to the question posed is yes it is dangerous, for the BG that attacks an armed citizen that is prepared to defend themselves.
    By faith Noah,being warned of God of things not seen as yet, moved with fear,prepared an ark to the saving of his house;by the which he condemned the world,and became heir of the righteousness which is by faith Heb.11:7

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    "If I didn't have a gun, they probably would ransack the house, but leave us alone."

    Huh? How many times have we read in the news where burglars tie up and rape/torture/murder the occupants? If you're home, you're a witness, you're a problem to them.

    Like others have said, every situation is different and should you find yourself in one of those situations, keeping calm and keeping your wits can make the difference of whether you walk away or are carried out in a black bag. None of us wants to have to actually use our weapon but to defend myself or my family, I will not hesitate.

    I too, run scenarios through my head, whether the intruders are armed, if they are holding a family member, etc. Letting them know I have a gun is probably the last thing I'd do until I'm actually pulling the trigger. I'm sure others will have their own input as well, that's what this is all about. :-)

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    [QUOTE=Instructor_Dennis;107017][COLOR="Blue"]Itsmee, your concerns aren't groundless. The problem is that you visualize yourself as a victim. Learn to develop and practice the warrior's mindset.

    OMGOSH +1!! Perfect! Being a sheepdog is more than just carrying a gun. Its a mindset, a maturity, and a way of life! Refuse to be a victim….well before a situation ever arises

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    I had rather die trying, than die crying..(jmho)

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    This is just my way of thinking, but I would never let any BG disarm me. I'd rather be shot by his gun than to be shot with my own. In your scenario, I'd go along with the giving up my wallet until I was going to be searched, then I'd take my chances, however small they might be. At least maybe I could take one of them with me!

    Since I carry concealed, maybe they wouldn't find it. I can't imagine a BG taking the time to pat someone down. If you gave them your wallet and watch and jewelry, chances are they'd think that was all you had.

    In a worst case scenario, I could fall overgrabbing my chest like I had a heart attack, and have the opportunity to draw. One of the best scenarios was in a bodyguard class I took in Houston. The "victim" instructor when confronted by a BG with the edge, falls down on his knees sobbing, and crawls up tot he BG "please don't kill me, please, please god" stuff and hugs the BG's leg, then pulls out his colt and puts a round in the BGs torso. Even a tiny opportunity is better than no opportunity in my opinion.

    In the beginning, the patriot is a scarce man -- brave, hated, and scorned. But when his cause succeeds, the timid join him. For then, it costs nothing to be a patriot. -- Mark Twain

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