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    Quote Originally Posted by Blooze View Post
    Very well said sir. Also I have to give you props for surviving that flame fest intact. I understand where you are coming from though. Yes your original post should have been rolled around in your head a bit more before being posted but I'm of the same mind in one way. I could not stand by and watch people get injured or killed and know that I might have the ability to do something about it. I'm Ex military as well by the way.
    The reason the OP got flamed is because he was dead wrong You are not a cop you don't carry a gun to play cop in other people's lives.
    See, it's mumbo jumbo like that and skinny little lizards like you thinking they the last dragon that gives Kung Fu a bad name. Internet forum dedicated to second amendment

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aresye View Post
    Here's the scenario:

    You're at a friend's house, celebrating his birthday. You're currently carrying, and therefore only drinking water and soda. Nobody else knows you're carrying, and when asked why you're not drinking, you respond with the fact that you are the driver.

    Fast forward a couple hours. Party's dying down, so you and your friend decide to leave and head back home. As you're both leaving the house, you hear a domestic disturbance next door that's pretty heated. A woman storms out of the house in a hurried fashion, followed by the husband. He grabs her arm, while yelling at her to get back in the house. She tries to free her arm, but can't. The man wrenches her arm in a painful way, attempting to drag her back into the house.

    Seeing both of you next door, watching the event, the woman screams for help. You tell your buddy to call 911, as you draw your concealed firearm. You tell the man very sternly to let her go, and to back away. The man complies, but now what?

    I'm not advocating that CCW holders should have powers to arrest, but what would you do in the above situation after the man backs away? For this reason, I think carrying a simple pair of zip tie cuffs could do a lot of help. You could order the man to the ground, and have your friend secure his hands. There's a lot of what ifs, but the main thing I think is important is putting your gun away, so it's not out when the police arrive. You could then have the man sit while you and your friend keep eye on him.

    What kind of legalities would there be regarding this situation? I think zip tie cuffs are great. They're small, can be purchased or made easily, and are ideal for securing a person temporarily. We use them in the military all the time.

    Then of course come the what ifs, like:
    -What if you're alone?
    -What if the person tries to escape?
    -What will the police think when they get there?

    Looking for some people's opinions and/or advice, if they've been in a similar situation.
    Drawing is the wrong thing to do in this situation. Stand there and call 911. End of story.

    Your gun is to save you when you are facing serious bodily injury or death and cannot do anything else, not to play cop.

  4. I'm new to conceal carry and agree that pulling your weapon is not the right thing. I have been in this situation due to my rowdy years. Lol. I will not stand by and see a woman or child abused while trying to get away. I have called a stop and warning before and when he didn't stop I engaged him with physical force. I can't see myself standing by waiting for police when she is being manhandled and have little respect for someone that does. Just how I feel. Don't mean to offend. Draw my weapon? No. Defend a woman or child with force? You bet your *****!

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