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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Boomboy007 View Post
    Honestly, there are several bad choices in your scenario, starting with when you got dressed. Seriously.

    If you woke up that morning, strapped on a sidearm, and finished the ensemble off with handcuffs (metal, zip-tie, whatever), you are just asking to be jammed up in court. Heaven forbid you actually encounter a situation where you are forced to defend your life with your firearm, the DA is going to have a good time turning you into a vigilante, cop-wanna-be running around with a gun and handcuffs. To top off that outfit, one only needs one of those Conceal Carry badges that we have discussed on other threads. This would look REALLY BAD to the average jury.

    If your first reaction to some guy yelling at you and/or looking mean is to draw your firearm, you need some more class time from an accredited trainer, and maybe some time for personal reflection on exactly why you are carrying a weapon. If you are a healthy male, a good rule of thumb is to draw only when confronted by someone with a potentially dangerous weapon and/or multiple assailants who are verbally threatening you. Of course, every incident is different, but there is a life afterward that must be considered. If you start brandishing a firearm without cause (a felony in most places), you WILL lose your permit. I would hate to see you defenseless later just because you playing "big man" with a gun. Use it to protect your LIFE, not your pride.

    Finally, let me share with you one of the biggest surprises that I learned when I became a police officer: The minute you put your hands on the guy, she will change her mind and start jumping you. Honestly, 90% of the domestics shake out that way. You arrive, they are fighting, he has beat the crap out of her, you start to cuff him, and she goes berserk. "Where you taking my man?"

    If I was in the same situation, and she started screaming for help, then I would step in, but leave the concealed weapon concealed. Hopefully you will have some of your friends step in as well. One person will, very quietly, call the police. The others will step in with you. If any of your friends are women, let them go talk to her. You and the boys go talk to him. Soothe him, comfort him, agree with him about what b&%$#@*! women are, and when he wants to go after her, you all gently restrain him like he was your drunk buddy and say" No, man. It's not worth it." Rinse and repeat until the cops arrive. If you do not have any women around, LEAVE THAT WOMAN ALONE. If another man goes to try to help her out, it will simply set the guy off. Up until the police arrive, you want this scum bag believing that he is your best friend.

    If you stop the assault in progress, you have done a good deed. Do not try to "hold" someone for the police.

    YMMV, just my .02
    Well Put! I have several friends who are State Police and Sheriff and have heard my share of stories like this one. I also have a friend who is an ER Doctor who fixes guys who get involved in the wrong way.


  3. Quote Originally Posted by Aresye View Post
    As you're both leaving the house, you hear a domestic disturbance next door that's pretty heated. A woman storms out of the house in a hurried fashion, followed by the husband. He grabs her arm, while yelling at her to get back in the house. She tries to free her arm, but can't. The man wrenches her arm in a painful way, attempting to drag her back into the house.
    Dependent upon the state: You are witnessing a forcible felony in progress. One is permitted to intervene using force, including deadly physical force, if appropriate.

    Quote Originally Posted by Aresye View Post
    As Seeing both of you next door, watching the event, the woman screams for help. You tell your buddy to call 911, as you draw your concealed firearm. You tell the man very sternly to let her go, and to back away. The man complies, but now what?
    Remove the woman from further danger, retreating to a safe area. You probably could have gotten the same reaction from the perpetrator, if you would have visibly placed your hand upon the weapon, in order to retain it from a possible grab in a potential altercation.

    Quote Originally Posted by Aresye View Post
    I'm not advocating that CCW holders should have powers to arrest, but what would you do in the above situation after the man backs away? For this reason, I think carrying a simple pair of zip tie cuffs could do a lot of help. You could order the man to the ground, and have your friend secure his hands. There's a lot of what ifs, but the main thing I think is important is putting your gun away, so it's not out when the police arrive. You could then have the man sit while you and your friend keep eye on him.

    What kind of legalities would there be regarding this situation? I think zip tie cuffs are great. They're small, can be purchased or made easily, and are ideal for securing a person temporarily. We use them in the military all the time.

    Then of course come the what ifs, like:
    -What if you're alone?
    -What if the person tries to escape?
    -What will the police think when they get there?

    Looking for some people's opinions and/or advice, if they've been in a similar situation.
    Who cares? You probably just saved the woman's life. Let the police do the hard work of detaining him.

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    Aresye, in your mind you are right with your actions, and you very well may be, But one thing is just about a given, if your had shot that dude for what you say he was doing, even if it was severe, you would be doing some jail time, and lose your CCW permit, cost you many thousands of dollars paying lawyers, and only God knows what else, so unless the dirtbag had a knife at her throat or gun to her head keep your gun concealed, call 911, go pull him off her, and no matter what your FL laws say, IN COURT IT WILL GET DOWN TO YOU CANNOT USE DEADLY FORCE AGAINST SOMEONE UNLESS IT OR THE THREAT OF IT IS USED AGAINST YOU

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Rocketgeezer View Post
    In WA, you can protect others who are in danger. They need not be friends or relatives.

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    Hey Y'all: Hopefully Aresye got an earful on drawing his weapon. He wrote that comment so matter of factly that I truly hopes he rethinks his responsibilities wth a CCWP. His scanario and his response over and above the firearm could also use a little rethinking on his part. I hope these replies are truly read and appreciated by you, Aresye, and you rethink what the CCWP is all about.

  7. I've definitely had an enlightening experience with this topic. That's what these forums are for though. I'd rather make a bad decision in a made-up scenario, and get my ass-chewed, than not ask questions, and make a bad decision in the real world.

  8. If a cop, responding to a call such as you described, drew his weapon as he approached the husband and wife the public would be screaming for his job.

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    Thumbs up Too true, Aresye.

    Quote Originally Posted by Aresye View Post
    I've definitely had an enlightening experience with this topic. That's what these forums are for though. I'd rather make a bad decision in a made-up scenario, and get my ass-chewed, than not ask questions, and make a bad decision in the real world.
    Believe me, it is a constant learning process for all of us.
    "The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government." Thomas Jefferson

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    Quote Originally Posted by tcox4freedom View Post
    #1- I would NOT be at any party/place where drinking is going to be taking place. (Alcohol/Drugs and Guns Do NOT mix well; PERIOD!)

    #2- Ask "ANY" LEO; Getting involved in a domestic violence situation is among the most dangerous situations you can be in. I would not get involved unless I truly felt the woman's LIFE was in "immediate" peril.

    #3- Call 911 immediately and wait on the police to arrive. That is all.

    This, and so many other responses on this forum are why this place rocks! There is so much knowledge here. I urge all new members - PLEASE ask questions like the OP did on this board. There is a TON of knowledge here for you (all of us) to learn. Better to ask here, then go out and do something stupid...
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  11. Maybe I am getting old and jaded, but, I deal with societies problems at work.

    Unless I am personally involved I do not involve myself. People all over are drunk and on drugs which fuels these sorts of problems. This situation you describe, not your problem. Not the first time, and not the last time this domestic violence had probably happened with this couple and most likely SHE will stay with him. You are out time and bought into a hassle.

    If you want to direct me into your ******** where I cannot walk away then that is another issue. Drawing a gun? I don't think so. If it gets to the point where my gun is revealed, most likely I will be firing it.

    I have learned to mind my business. I don't even answer my front door. I don't invite trouble. I keep my own **** going my own way. I like my life and I don't need someone else's out of control lives eating up my time with talking to cops, writing statements, and being subpoenaed to testify for people who have never, and will never get their **** together.

    Like I said, I deal with stupid **** all day at work. People suck. Mind your business.

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