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Thread: Colt or Glock?

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    I much prefer Glock. They are cheaper. IME they work just fine right out of the box. And they are lightweight.
    I didn't keep my Glock model 30, but it was a good pistol.
    I now have a 38 and 39 in 45 GAP. Although they are not high capacity, the model 38 holds 8 rounds in the magazine, which is comparable to a Colt 1911.
    I've used both syatems and I prefer the action on a Glock, XD, or Kahr over cocked & locked.
    Although it's not what you are looking at, the Springfield XD 45 compact is a nice pistol; holds 10 in the magazine and has the same overall height as the Colt Officers model.

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    I'd Get, and Want to get for Myself, a GLOCK 30SF ... I have a Colt 1911 That I have had for 25 Years, and Still Carry it on Occasion, But, as my "handle" would confirm, I like the GLOCKS. I've carried the 17s and 19s...and Would like to add a compact 30SF .45 acp to the group.
    Thats My choice. I like the Simplicity...the Safety (Yes, I know the arguments, but I like the Safety of the GLOCK over Cocked and Locked) Weight and Durability...

    My Opinion Worth 2 cents .... God Bless... Captain.

  4. I would suggest shooting the Glock 30 before deciding. I would also not let price be my deciding factor for which firearm I choose to protect my life with. I carry a S&W 1911sc I have owned several Glocks including the 30, I still have a G32 that I love but I tend to shoot the 1911 format better and more accurately than I did the Glocks. It is always best to get what you are comfortable with and what you shoot best. And again I would rent the G30 and see if it suits you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bronco View Post
    I'm looking for a smaller carry gun than my Govt model, and was thinking a Colt Defender. I happened to be at Bass Pro Shop the other day and noticed a Glock 30 that I liked the fit of, and the fact that it holds 10 rounds.
    It also seems that the Glocks are easier to find, not to mention a few hundred cheaper.
    I've been a Colt fan for 30+ years, but if I can't find a small Colt .45 at a reasonable price, the Glock seems like a good choice also.
    Any thoughts on either one of these, good, bad, indifferent? Looking to buy in the next 2-3 months.


    Colt or Glock? That's easy. BOTH!!! At least for me. I am a 1911 worshipper. I was raised by men who had defended their lives and the lives of others with John Brownings 1911 Pistol. It rubbed off on me and I haven't been able to wash it off throughout my lifetime, carrying them as a Police Officer and a CCW Permitee.

    In the mid 80's, I was introduced to the Glock by attending the Armorers Course and a Glock Instructors School for my Department. I was very impressed. I longed for one in 45 ACP and Glock produced the G21 a few years later. When the Glock 30 came to be born, I knew I had to have one, so I bought 4. Yep, I have 4 of them. My wife has stolen one and won't give it back.

    I still can't get away from the 1911 guns. I have numerous full size 1911's, Commanders, Officers ACP's, and a Defender. They are Colts, Kimbers, Springfield Armory's, Para Ordnance, Smith and Wessons and a Wilson. I have them in 45 and 38 Super, with a 22 conversion kit to play with. I usually carry some form of 1911, but when I travel far away on a road trip, it's usually a Glock 30, for the extra mag capacity, or a Glock 17 or 19. I love the 45 ACP, so it's usually the 30, with a 21 in my Bug out Bag and numerous spare mags. Either way, you can't go wrong with a 1911 or a Glock. The decision is a personal one, and I suggest you shoot both before making your decision. Unless you're a cantankerous old fart like me and get both of them, and many more of both of them. It's a disease.
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  6. I own a Combat Elite and Officers 45 ACP pistols.I prefer the Glock for carry I own a G23 & G20.The both Colts are nice guns,however the Glocks are just more reliable.One of the most popular self-defense training schools proves there point why the Glock is chosen as the primary weapon in Law Enforcement.Glock is a very reliable pistol,the 45 GAP is getting a big push now by the company which gives you a compact size 45 caliber thats easy to carry.

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    I called the one local indoor range that has a G30 to rent, and it'll run me about $70 to rent one for an hour. That includes the range fees, rental buying their ammo and the second person they require to rent a handgun. Why the second person you ask? As I was told, it's in case you're not familiar with guns, so you don't hurt yourself. I told the kid that I'd managed not to shoot myself in the last 40 years, but their store their rules. So my wife will go and practice with her PT111, while I try out the Glock.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bronco View Post
    ... why the second person you ask? As I was told, it's in case you're not familiar with guns, so you don't hurt yourself. I told the kid that I'd managed not to shoot myself in the last 40 years, but their store their rules. So my wife will go.
    Sounds like you're ok with the rule, turning lemons into lemonade by taking your bride with you! :)

    BUT, I wouldn't be pleased with thier rule! Especially if you have a CHL. If you've gone through the process (at least in Texas & Florida) to acquire your license, you've got proof of your knowledge of firearms. I think I would have asked to speak with a manager... the policy seems to be more about making money on fees than safety! I don't mind rules, but retarded rules just piss me off! LOL!
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  9. Yeah, I thought it was kind of a dumb rule too,but what ya gonna do? I've had a Govt model since I was old enough to to buy one, and the Marine Corps made sure I knew how to handle a pistol (1911A1), but that was before they switched to the sissy caliber :) :) I hear now that they are trying to go back to a .45, but that is a whole different subject.

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    I'm a 1911 guy, so you know where my vote goes.

    Defender is one nice little .45 ACP 1911. Good repuatation and good reviews, thus far.
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    wont go wrong either way. u should really fire a weapon before you are going to carry or make purchase decision. there are so many factors to take into consideration. personally i carry a glock 23 .40 and am in love. there is also a new glock 7 shot single stack g36 .45, i haven't been able to find one in a store to touch but would like to (might be worth a look).
    also u may look for an instructor or friend that has one or more of your choices i know that many of my students have bought the glock 23 after shooting in my firearms class.
    hope this helps in some meager way!

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